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A Trip in the Gucci Garden

The Gucci Garden transports you into the world of Gucci. Immediately, you are immersed in the world of Gucci by entering a room with walls that act as old tvs showing different campaigns and runway shows. It transports you into almost an old store with tvs in the windows showing breaking news. The rooms gives you a very retro feeling with the vintage filters on the tvs. This specific room fits with Gucci being a very old brand and has had a big name in fashion for years. 

Next, we take off into space in the luggage room. This room was made very creatively with having a futuristic technology design, but it shows the original luggage that Gucci started out with. The room is two opposites coming together, making something really cool and creative. Two different times of the world coming together in harmony. That really speaks to volume how Gucci has adapted to the different trends over the years but still staying loyal to its originality. 

The third room was the hall of mirrors. The room featured some mannequins with Gucci clothing, but the mirrors had celebrities appear who wore Gucci on the red carpet. The mirrors featured stars like Andrew Garfield, Natalie Portman, etc. The room was small but leaves you with a big impact to see how many celebrities we look up to wear the Gucci name. 

The next room is full of different Gucci bags. From the bamboo to the Jackie, all the bags are there and in different colors and fabrics. The floor and ceiling are both made out of mirrors so you feel as if you are in a room that is a never ending closet of Gucci bags. You really feel the impact of the brand in this room. Maybe because you can see the bags from every inch of the room, but it definitely makes you feel how iconic the Gucci brand is and how many different designs they have. 

The fifth room was a small movie theater that showed a screening of Gucci fashion shows from over the years. The ambiance of the room was dark but lit up with led lights that were the Gucci red color. You get lost in the trance of seeing all the different designs from head to toe on each model. The room is also small and secluded so it almost feels like you are a V.I.P. to the Gucci brand and get to watch these shows. 

The final room was dedicated to the Gucci Flora perfume. There was a giant fake garden and a kaleidoscope mirror pyramid that you could walk into so you are fully in the floral design that is featured on all the bottles. The Gucci Garden does a great job at telling you the different aspects of the Gucci brand without actually telling you a lot of information. It leaves room for you to interpret each room, what they mean to the brand and why it has lasted so long. 

Written and Photographed by Sofia Destefano

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