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Day to Night Fashion

Written by Chloe-Kaleah Stewart

Photography by Leonardo Amaral

CD/PM: Jazzi Almestica

PA: Chloe-Kaleah Stewart Talent: Mentioned below

My winter fashion Queens and Kings, our time to shine has arrived! Bundle up in cozy layers and accessorize with fashionable hats, scarves, and boots to conquer the cold weather runway. Remember, winter fashion is not just about looking stylish, it's also about staying warm and comfortable. Although we all adore and will truly miss Autumn, it's time to embrace the beauty of winter fashion and make a statement in the season of snowflakes and hot cocoa. As the seasons change, fashion lovers eagerly welcome the opportunity to showcase their winter style and the latest trends in street styles, social media, and even fashion blogs. When expressing your winter fashion that also comes with daylight savings time, it gets dark earlier, and sometimes those warm tones don't match that dark and edgy vibe you're trying to match. Dividing day and night winter fashion becomes essential, allowing for a seamless transition from cozy daywear to glamorous evening attire. And it's a must to incorporate versatile pieces into your winter wardrobe, such as chunky knit sweaters, stylish coats, and statement boots. Now let's dive into this winter wardrobe and explore the different ways to stay stylish and warm during these colder months.

As the temperatures drop and winter settles in, it's time to revamp the wardrobe with cozy layers, warm accessories, and beautiful boots. But first, we must discuss the separation between day and night winter fashion, day fashion of course all about balancing comfort and style but doing that with warmer tomes and colors that reflect the serene atmosphere of the season. For daytime fashion, opt for the classics, like chunky knit sweaters, long coats, or hats in earthy, neutral tones like sage green, cream, and a deep rich brown. These colors not only align with the winter aesthetic but also create a sense of warmth and coziness.

- Bill @billphxm

When one thinks of day fashion, bright and warm tones almost immediately come to mind. Adding a nice contrasting color pulls the fit together even more and creates a visually appealing outfit. With Bill's fit, we see that combination, a warm black leather fur jacket, the cozy cream sweater matched with the white cuffed jeans, and finished off with the BEAUTIFUL Christian Dior Converse sneakers that add a pop and elevate the overall look. In my opinion, his glasses are paid actors to this outfit as well, they add a touch of sophistication and complement the other elements of his outfit even more. When selecting the OOTD (outfit for the day), it is crucial to think about colors, textures, and accessories that will complement each other enhance your style, and make you feel and look as confident as you possibly can.

- Onyi @onyi.chukwu16

We can all agree that as New Yorkers, the first thing you need to buy is a good quality winter coat, the puffer. When it comes to the puffer all forms are accepted for winter, whether it's the classic long puffer coat or a trendy cropped puffer vest. For Onyi's style choice, she opted for the cropped puffer vest and a black graphic hoodie matching her warm wool beanie and khaki cargo pants. This fashion choice demonstrates how Onyi incorporates practicality and style into her winter wardrobe. Many look at the style as streetwear-inspired because of the combination of casual and functional pieces, her outfit is comfortable and the perfect way to embrace the winter chill while remaining stylish. When it comes to winter fashion in New York, the puffer coat is always a must-have item for both practicality and style.

- Elena @elena_riveraaa

The best way to describe Elena's outfit is warm winter chic, with layers of cozy fabrics and stylish accessories. The large range of clothing options open in different periods reflects the evolving norms and fashion trends of those times and our time. Elena pairs a dark blue cropped top with a pair of loose-fitting orange pants and brown heeled ankle boots, finished with a sage green scarf and knee-length tan trench. Elena’s outfit showcases a combination of trendy and practical elements, creating a warm winter chic style. Fashion has always been influenced by the cultural context and societal changes, and Elena's outfit is a perfect example of how personal style can be a reflection of both individual expression and current fashion trends.

Winter night fashion embraces cozy and glamorous styles that keep you warm while still looking chic. Some popular choices would be dark-toned oversized sweater dresses, fur coats, knee-high boots, velvet dresses, and thick/large statement accessories, the go-to would be black but adding casual basics like white, silver, dark blue, or shades of brown can also bring variety to your winter night wardrobe. These fashion choices add an element of luxury and elegance to your winter night look, allowing you to make a stylish statement even in the coolest of temperatures.

- Camilo @camiloj0se

Night fashion can be interpreted in many ways, it often involves layering different pieces to avoid wearing large scarves and jackets. Camilo keeps his outfit minimalist yet stylish by opting for a baggy pair of black pants, a white button-down shirt with a red striped tie as the statement piece, and completing the look with an overside black leather jacket with a pair of sleek black Doc Martens boots. This fashion choice reflects a unique blend of contemporary and vintage layers while displaying Camilo's individualistic style and attention to detail. This outfit not only offers a sense of confidence and sophistication but also offers practicality and warmth for winter nights.

- Jazzi

Winter tends to be a bumpy ride when it comes to fashion choices. There are windy days when you layer three outfits to stay warm, and there are calm days when it's definitely cold but you can still manage to look stylish without sacrificing comfort. In Jazzi's outfit, she's demonstrating being a "hot" girl in winter, styling her brown mini dress with a pair of brown fur-lined knee-high boots to match, she tops this with a white fur coat and white lace to accessorize her look. The combination of the pieces creates a stunning winter fashion look that is both hot-girl-certified and comfortable for the winter season. In order to navigate the unpredictable winter weather, it is crucial to find a balance between warmth and style.

- Gi @d34dgi

As I mentioned, winter is a rollercoaster when it comes to weather, with drastic changes in temperature and conditions throughout the night, it could feel like 30 degrees one second and 60 with light wind another, either way, it is a hit or miss with picking out an outfit that will keep you comfortable and chic throughout the evening. In Gi's case, they opted to go with a stylish weather risk by wearing loose blue jeans with a black belt with silver studs on it and pairing it with a white tank top, black leather jacket, and black tie with a flame design as a statement piece to finish it. If you're struggling to find the perfect winter night outfit that balances warmth comfort and style, it's okay to sacrifice comfort or warmth a bit to prioritize style and make a fashion statement.

Well, my winter royalty, good luck this winter finding those perfect outfits and essentials to keep you warm and fashionable during those chilly nights. Don't forget to bundle up at the end of the night with your hot cocoa after an OOTD well done, remember, winter fashion is not just about looking stylish, it's also about staying warm and comfortable but it's ok to sacrifice one to look your hottest.

Written by Chloe-Kaleah Stewart

Photography by Leonardo Amaral

CD/PM: Jazzi Almestica

PA: Chloe-Kaleah Stewart Talent: Mentioned above

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