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Issue 11 - Naughty or Nice

December 2023

Featuring: Quarters of Change

It's the most magical time of the year- 47Magazine’s last issue release of 2023! This holiday season we made our lists, and checked them twice… it turns out you’ve all been naughty. ;)


The 47 staff proudly introduces Issue 11: Naughty or Nice, where high fashion photoshoots and wintery articles play on the naughty and virtuous aspects of the season. As we dive into the festive spirit, read warm (or… nice!) nostalgic articles and find out how to keep it hot while it’s freezing outside. 


We are so thankful for our amazing team that continues to amaze us with their creativity daily. As December is a time for reflection, we’d like to acknowledge the work of our team, who can now celebrate the first year of our 47Magazine NYC takeover; and we can’t wait to continue producing thought-provoking and sexy content next year! 


So, whether you're rocking around the Christmas tree or pushing the boundaries of tradition, join us in embracing the duality that is "Naughty or Nice." Life's too short for boring, and we're here to make your holiday season a little more sleigh.

Thanks for vibing with us through eleven amazing issues – you're the reason we keep doing what we do.

Stay festive, stay fabulous, and stay safe!

Peace and Love, 

Mark Bluemle and Sophia Querrazzi <3



Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, Director of Photography

Mark Bluemle

Editorial Director, Executive Director

Sophia Querrazzi

Editor at Large, Copy Chief

Lucy Anderson

Entertainment and Music Editor, Editorial Assistant

Ashley Murphy

Social Media Coordinator, Production Management

Jake Pranian

Production Management, Casting, Styling

Kaenaaloha Watson

Assistant Director of Photography

Sophia Keefe

Assistant Social Media Coordinator

Jazzi Almestica

Assistant Entertainment Editor

Toni Desiree

Assistant Editor At Large

Ashley Lavalle


Diamond Durant


Kindra Kirsch, Marlie Kaye

Graphic Arts Director

Chloe Amen

Zine Director

Catalina Torres

Assistant Zine Director

Oliva Vella

PR Directors:

Alannah-Oliva Foster, Cassie Hasaj

Marketing Director:

Richelle Fatalo

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