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New Music Monday #30

Neon Pill by Cage The Elephant

A classic song for Cage The Elephant to return to the music scene with. With a continuous drum beat, stunning guitar riffs, and a layered production, “Neon Pill” is the alternative track fans have anticipated. Its melody is nostalgic to their previous work, but still leaves room for musical expansion. With metaphors hiding behind the song's true meaning, the lyricism is intriguing and catchy, “Stitched, patched up and sewed in / I'll probably see you again.”

Wish You Were Dead by Lola Young

Bold lyricism and captivating vocals, Lola Young has released the ultimate anger/revenge track. A myriad of instrumentals blend together beautifully to create this angsty, powerful energy. An electrifying guitar, a deep bass, and crashing drums further amplify all of the feelings Young expresses in the song, “I’ll forget all of the awful things you’ve ever said / And, oh, we can pretend that we’re in love.”

Effortlessly by Aqyila

Truly enticing vocals feel effortless when sung by Aqyila. Her lyricism shows optimism and faith for all the good that is to come in life. This song is full of uplifting affirmations and beautiful harmonies, creating a serene atmosphere. A guitar strum, sick drums, and light horns in the back create a worthwhile listen, “I choose my thoughts like I'm choosing my clothes / Everything that's meant to be will just flow / I am like water, I float through the growth.”

Diosa by Kali Uchis

A song that acts as a morning mantra to those to love affirmations. Kali Uchis has shown her musical expertise with her new album ORQUÍDEAS which contains songs of varying genres. With a continuous beat, and a hidden inclusion of horns, her songwriting is uplifting and powerful to those listening, “It's what I deserve, soy un beneficio a tu salud / Cuando estoy feliz, that's why you'll do whatever for me.”

we don’t move by BADMIND

Musically captivating, “we don’t move” contains interesting elements in its production that make this track special. With two supporting vocalists, the chorus has a continuous catchy beat and rhythm that slows down as it transitions to the next singer. The songwriting depicts the feeling of the unknown after the end of a relationship, “I don’t know if I should call / I forgot about it all.”


A groovy beat with remarkable instrumentals to make you get up and dance. The beginning is smooth with rising vocals, steady drums, dazzling keys, and horns that reel the listener in. The exciting melody and alluring harmonies only elevate the desire shown in the lyricism, “You’re my latest sick obsession (need you now).”

Over You by Vacations

A simple yet lovely classic indie track with a hint of lo-fi pop. With chill drums, a funky guitar riff, and distinct vocals, the song embraces the obsession of being in love. The lyrics are clever and show true devotion to one, “Swing like a pendulum / Every breath with you is adrenaline.”

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