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New Music Monday #39

Is This What Love Is? By Wasia Project

In a sonically moving track, “Is This What Love Is?” begins with an eerie melody and deep vocals that fill the empty space. Quick keys and a heavy bass pick up as harmonies meld and float above a lovely percussion. The fast-paced rhythm creates a feeling of uncertainty and anticipation as the drums intensify during the bridge. The songwriting encapsulates the confusion and worry of loving someone, “Is this what love is? / An endless goldmine /An endless train line of tears to pass you.”

Cinderella by Remi Wolf

Another funky banger from Remi Wolf that uplifts any mood and can make a room start to dance along. Her distinctive and strong vocals are immediately recognized and appreciated for the way it can bring any song to life. The use of horns throughout the track along with sparkly synths and a steady drum beat exude this palpable feeling of joy. Her lyricism has a fascinating way of capturing the fluctuation of emotions during hectic times, “I can be yellow (Yellow), I can be orange by the afternoon / And I'm purple (Purple), so quick when I switch it up.”

First To Try by Yam Haus

With a repeating guitar riff and quickened drums, “First To Try” is the upbeat but sad song that everyone loves. The melody is addictive as the vocals enter yearning for some sort of understanding. The consistent rhythm throughout as the bass and synths intensify creates this longing effect on the track as a whole. As far as the lyrics go, vulnerability is the word to describe them, allowing the listener to take a look deep into the singer's mind, “Oh I′ve wanted to change / But I stay the same, and it makes me cry.”

Yesterday by Kenya Vaun

In a track where you can feel every emotion as each line is sung, Kenya Vaun produces nostalgia through vivid lyricism in “Yesterday”. A theme felt throughout is the acceptance of what the past once was and appreciating who it made you. Clear keys, a heavy bass, and gorgeous backing harmonies further curate warmth and familiarity within the song, “If I had a chance to do it again / I'd do it the same, the joy and the pain / The coldest of winters, the summertime rain.”

That Energy by Emerson Azarian

Flirty, exciting, and fresh summarizes what “That Energy” brings to the table. It’s an electro-pop track whose popping synths and dizzying beats truly bring vitality to the track. Emerson’s vocals are alluring while the harmonies hypnotize the listener to dance along. The addictive melody with the digitized production produces a feeling of eagerness to hit repeat, “Blinded by the way you switch directions / Notice how you're stealing my attention / I want your affection.”

Give It Up For Love by Gossip

Upbeat and lively, “Give It Up For Love” has a multitude of elements that make this song so catchy. A funky 80’s pop flair, some disco incorporated, and a soulful vocal delivery, Gossip has a way of curating a special sound. A plethora of instrumentals dance throughout the track like the groovy electric guitar, dazzling synths, and punchy drums. It’s a true party anthem with captivating harmonies and the repeating title, “Give it up, give it up, give it up for love!”

ordinary love by Humble the Great

A love song expressing the specialty of the relationship between two people with a smooth rhythm throughout. With soulfulness infused in his vocals and jazz elements in the production, “ordinary love” feels as unique as the relationship written about. This slow song has a beautiful string section, gentle keys, and an inviting melody, “Baby I don't know about much, but what I know is we got no / Ordinary love.”

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