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Sévon: Song "Rainbow"

From going on tour to making music and other special projects, Sévon has proved he can rise above it all. After hearing the new song, Rainbow, I wanted to learn more about the inspiration and what’s coming up for the future! Read it below!

1. What is the backstory behind the song, "Rainbow"?

I have always wanted my first song to really mean something. I want all my music/lyrics to mean something to someone. I wrote something close to me, that was part of me in a sense, an LGBTQIA song. I had written the chorus first and when I went into the studio with my producer, we played around with different lyrics for the verses. I wanted something empowering for LGBTQIA. I sang on the spot and that’s how “Rainbow” came to be.

2. Who is your biggest influence in music?

I take influence from mostly any artist. If I like it I’ll try to incorporate it and make it my own. I would have to say, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé are my biggest influences.

3. What made you get into songwriting & producing music?

I always had an interest in making music. At first, I was too shy to try writing my own songs but then I found Mariah Carey, and I began following her in a sense. I would love for people to sit and listen to my music and have them feel how I feel when I listen to Mariah or Beyoncé

4. How do you manage your time while being in school, on tour, and making music?

In all honesty, it does get hard sometimes to balance all these things at once, but I love making music and touring. While I was on tour in Turkey, I would do 3-4 shows 5 days a week then go back to the hotel and write music and record some demos. I may have been tired but I would say it’s the drive that makes me keep going.

5. What's in store for the future?

I am currently filming and choreographing for a Passion Project. I am also playing a lead in a play called “Moon School” which will be taking place in NYC. In regards to music, I have some songs that are ready to be recorded and hopefully some collabs in the works that everyone should be on the lookout for!

Thank you to Sévon for taking the time to answer the questions and take pictures for the magazine! I am super excited to see how the passion project turns out, and love the inspiration of this stunning song, which you can listen too below!

Interviewed and Photographed by Mark Bluemle

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