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Issue 08 - 47University

September 2023

Featuring: Alexa Dark and the 47University Class of 2023

Welcome to 47University! Majors include motherology, slayology, yas studies, and IDGAF war history! 

Our students have provided you with a guide on how to make your upcoming school year the best it can be. With fall fashion, fall recipes, study tips, and so much more, we can ensure that you’ll be ready to tackle the 47University Campus.

Sit back, grab some girl dinner, boy lunch, or nonbinary breakfast from the 47Cafe, and enjoy your introduction to your new university!

See you around,
Dr. Bluemle and Ms. Querrazzi
47University Principals 


Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, Director of Photography:

Mark Bluemle 

Editorial Director, Creative Director, Executive Director:

Sophia Querrazzi 

Editor at Large, Copy Chief:

Grace Bugin

Entertainment and Music Editor, Editorial Assistant:

Ashley Murphy

Social Media Coordinator, Production Management, Creative Direction:

Jake Pranian

Creative Direction, Production Management, Casting, Styling:

Ka'enaaloha Watson

Assistant Entertainment and music Editor:

Toni Desiree

Assistant Director of Photography:

Sophia Keefe

Assistant Social Media Coordinator:

Jazzi Almestica

Graphic Art Director, Issue 08 Covers

Chloe Amen

Print Director:

Catalina Torres

movement director:

claire goldes


Diamond Durant

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