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Issue 12 - The Birthday Party

February 2023

47Magazine is celebrating one year of iconic media!


Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, Director of Photography

Mark Bluemle

Editorial Director, Executive Director

Sophia Querrazzi

Editor at Large, Copy Chief

Lucy Anderson

Entertainment and Music Editor, Editorial Assistant

Ashley Murphy

Social Media Coordinator, Production Management

Jake Pranian

Assistant Director of Photography

Sophia Keefe


Casting Director, Assistant Social Media Coordinator

Jazzi Almestica

Zine Director

Oliva Vella

Assistant Zine Director

Nico Diaz

Marketing Director:

Richelle Fatalo

Assistant Entertainment Editor

Toni Desiree

Assistant Editor At Large

Ashley Lavalle


Diamond Durant


Kindra Kirsch, Marlie Kaye

Graphic Arts Director

Chloe Amen

PR Directors:

Alannah-Oliva Foster, Cassie Hasaj

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