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Issue 10 - 47 in Motion

November 2023

Featuring: The Lazarus Collection

In the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, life moves at a relentless pace. New York City is a constant swirl of activity and energy - this is the essence of “47 In Motion,” an issue that captures the very heartbeat of Gen Z's New York.


This issue celebrates the dynamic nature of our generation and the city that has become our playground. We dive into the fast-paced world of fashion, a community that pulsates with rhythm and change, always one step ahead, and the media landscape that evolves before our eyes.


It's an acknowledgment of our shared journey and the importance of staying connected as we move forward. Together, we navigate the city, the world, and the ever-evolving landscape of our generation.


We invite you to join us on this journey, embrace the dynamic pulse of our times, and move to the rhythm of Gen Z.


With excitement and anticipation,

Mark Bluemle and Sophia Querrazzi


Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, Director of Photography

Mark Bluemle

Editorial Director, Executive Director

Sophia Querrazzi

Editor at Large, Copy Chief

Lucy Anderson

Entertainment and Music Editor, Editorial Assistant

Ashley Murphy

Social Media Coordinator, Production Management

Jake Pranian

Production Management, Casting, Styling

Kaenaaloha Watson

Assistant Director of Photography

Sophia Keefe

Assistant Social Media Coordinator

Jazzi Almestica

Assistant Entertainment Editor

Toni Desiree

Assistant Editor At Large

Ashley Lavalle


Diamond Durant


Kindra Kirsch, Marlie Kaye

Graphic Arts Director

Chloe Amen

Zine Director

Catalina Torres

Assistant Zine Director

Oliva Vella

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