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Issue 13 - ELEVATED
April 2024

Come elevate with us! 


This 13th issue means a lot to us as we have been thinking about this theme since the very beginning!


As a generation that is changing conventions and breaking limits, it is only natural that we investigate the complex relationship between Generation Z and a bowl of green. It’s amazing to think about the progression of the legalization of marijuana, but now in 2024, we can smoke freely around NYC - so take a hit and experience the 4/20 issue as we explore the city with a joint in hand! 


Beyond the politics and economics, we're looking into the personal tales that weave together the fabric of New York City's cannabis culture. Since spring is a season of growth and change, we're exploring the connections between cannabis, wellness, and the arts as well as our community.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker, a curious spectator, or anywhere in the middle, we encourage you to approach this topic with an open mind. Because in a city that never sleeps, the discourse around marijuana is only getting started. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our amazing staff for another beautiful issue. We have been able to grow and expand so much over the past few months in amazing ways. This April we feel uplifted, elevated, and high on 47Magazine.


So roll one up, take a hit, sit back, and experience the smoke and haze of Issue 13. 

Stay Elevated,
Mark Bluemle & Sophia Querrazzi


Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, Director of Videography 
Mark Bluemle

Editorial Director, Executive Director
Sophia Querrazzi

Editor at Large, Copy Chief
Lucy Anderson

Entertainment and Music Editor, Editorial Assistant
Ashley Murphy

Social Media Coordinator, Production Management
Jake Pranian

Casting Director, Assistant Social Media Coordinator
Jazzi Almestica

Director of Photography
Sophia Keefe

Zine Director
Oliva Vella

Assistant Zine Director
Nico Diaz

Marketing Director
Richelle Fatalo

Assistant Editor at Large
Toni Desiree

Assistant Copy Chief 
Ashley Lavalle

Assistant Music Editors
Amy Kapel, Veronica Anaya

Assistant Director of Photography 
Thea Wiener

Marlie Kaye

Graphic Arts Director
Chloe Amen

PR Directors:
Alannah-Oliva Foster, Cassie Hasaj

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