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Mini Issue 01 - Divine

March 2023

“Nearly everything I know about love, I've learnt from my long-term friendships with women.” ― Dolly Alderton, Everything I Know About Love

A love letter to women, 47Divine, is an homage to all women and the stages of womanhood from girlhood, the teenage years, our 20’s, and our adult years. This is one of the first mini issues that 47Magazine and Media is debuting and with the love and support of the 47team, we were able to creatively direct, strategize, and collaborate to bring this idea to life. 

We hope you enjoy this stylish & crisp depiction of the fast-growing Gen-Z workforce. In a dull and corporate world, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of drama?

This issue the girlies came outside and they did not come to play!! Almost all of us can recall a cutie pregame moment from our teenage years full of loud music, pounds of makeup, and straight vibes. Or maybe even remember growing up watching gossip girl while envisioning what it would be like to live that life. Whether it's getting ready with your bestie or running the streets of New York City, girlhood manifests itself everywhere!! It was so fun to work with wonderful people and we hope you guys enjoy!!

So join us as we thank all the incredible women in our lives and reflect on the stages of girlhood through each decade with women in the workforce, the power of friendship, and the beauty of femininity. 

With much love xoxo, 
Veronica Anaya, Cam Lyken, and Nathan Zierlein

"Divine" Creative Directors

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