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Cab Ellis Sits with 47Magazine

Cab Ellis is an NYC-based group consisting of eight members making their way through the NYC rock scene. Their sound experiments a lot, making it difficult to categorize them. They incorporate hip-hop, jazz, rap, bar rock, and indie, making their sound different than anyone you’ve heard. Some of their influences are The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Mac Miller, and more. When crafting their music, they prioritize making music that emotes an emotion rather than trying to fit a genre. They have gained a dedicated audience who is bound to follow them through their musical journeys and mosh pits. Known for their memorable live performances, you never know what will happen at a Cab Ellis show. We sat with Cab Ellis as they discussed with us their live performances, influences, tour stories, and so much more.

Welcome to our new era where we do video interviews!

Interviewed by Veronica Anaya

Filmed by Leonardo Amaral

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