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The Power in Womanhood

I wouldn’t say I’m a genius by any means. nor do I know a lot about life and what I can offer, but what I have learned about life thus far is through the strength and power of other women.

I was not fortunate enough to grow up with sisters or cousins close enough that I could pass as my sisters, but I had my mom and my friends and my mom's friends who were more than enough. They taught me the importance of advocating for yourself and knowing what you believe in. In a world that does not take women seriously, it is even more important to know what to fight for: our right to exist, take up space, and acknowledge the power that we have been given.

“Girl power”, most recently, has been seen as something to be afraid of, or something we should shy away from because of negative connotations and what men have to say about it. While the phrase can feel “millennial”-esque at times, at its core it is something that has allowed me to not be ashamed of the space I continue to take up. Women have a purpose in every industry and every room and it is when that purpose is stripped from us that we are robbed of what we truly love about womanhood: our power.

Shared experiences with women who just get it also make being a girl that much more exciting. Learning from women who have been there, and done that, helps us feel less alone and gives us the encouragement to keep fighting for things that we know belong to us or opportunities we know we can handle. 

Growing up I didn’t always feel this way. I have three older brothers so I was constantly surrounded by masculinity and I wasn’t proud to be a feminine person until very recently. Also, the media didn’t believe in “girl power” until it was trendy and hip to do so, but nevertheless, I am proud of girls today and what they have to look up to. Celebrities now talk about how great it is to be a woman, and TV shows and movies are made that portray women winning and aren’t always sob stories about how hard it is to exist today. While these stories are important, I think it’s okay to have media that isn’t about suffering or about the atrocities of living in a “man’s world”, because believe it or not, we can exist outside of a man’s story! 

There is power in womanhood and learning from those around you. I am constantly inspired and empowered by those around me and I am reminded that powerful women come in all varieties and there is no specific way to be confident and wield that power. 

Being a woman doesn’t always have to feel like a contest or like we have to live up to this expectation what what a woman should look like. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that womanhood is a journey of its own, and we are all trying our best since “girl power” already resides within us all.

Written by Diana Victoria

Creative Director: Nathan Zierlein

Photography by Mark Bluemle

Talent: Amy Kapel Cam Lyken Jaiden Alexis

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