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Mini Issue 02 - Rebirth
May 2024

Spring – a time of change, evolution, recreation, reevaluation, and renewal.  We take this time to look within and rediscover ourselves.  Take this time to invite new beginnings, new journeys, and be reborn.

We find rebirth in the country aesthetic through timeless yet ever evolving styles.  Each generation has reinvented the country look, all the while keeping it classic and chic.  Through music, fashion, and pop culture the country phenomenon rebirths itself time and time again.   

We find rebirth in Persephone because that is the epitome of her being. She is the definition of fertility and spring- her return is equivalent to rebirth. According to the ancient greeks, Persephone is a big reason as to why there are four sunny seasons and the rest cold. 


We find rebirth in Bloom because it symbolizes renewal, growth, and the cycle of life. the blooming flowers emerge from what seems like lifeless, reminding us that beauty and exuberance can arise from adversity and hardship. Like the rose that grew from concrete. 

As we make the journey through the seasons of life, we find rebirth in a multitude of ways—whether in the serene embrace of the country, the timeless allure of Persephone's return, or the vibrant flowers that adorn our world. Each symbolizes renewal, growth, and the perpetual cycle of transformation. So, let us embrace change, evolution, and the endless possibilities of new beginnings as we continue to rediscover ourselves and bloom once again with each passing day. 


Mini Issue 02 Creative Directors,

Ben Pfeifer, Celeste Nieves, Diamond Durant


Editor-In-Chief, Executive Editor, Director of Videography 
Mark Bluemle

Editorial Director, Executive Director
Sophia Querrazzi

Editor at Large, Copy Chief
Lucy Anderson

Entertainment and Music Editor, Editorial Assistant
Ashley Murphy

Social Media Coordinator, Production Management
Jake Pranian

Casting Director, Assistant Social Media Coordinator
Jazzi Almestica

Director of Photography
Sophia Keefe

Zine Director
Oliva Vella

Assistant Zine Director
Nico Diaz

Marketing Director
Richelle Fatalo

Assistant Editor at Large
Toni Desiree

Assistant Copy Chief 
Ashley Lavalle

Assistant Music Editors
Amy Kapel, Veronica Anaya

Assistant Director of Photography 
Thea Wiener

Marlie Kaye

Graphic Arts Director
Chloe Amen

PR Directors:
Alannah-Oliva Foster, Cassie Hasaj

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