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The 47Magazine Fall Playlist

Written by Celeste Nieves

Photography by Sophia Keefe

Creative Directed by Lucy Anderson

Styled by Sophia Querrazzi

PA: Thea Wiener

Talent: @sophiamq_14 @gracetustin @millenlane on Instagram

This twelve-song playlist was created to give all the fall vibes from eerie, witchy, romance,

heartbreak, and upbeat dance songs. The playlist is only 46 minutes long but provokes a wide

variety of emotions. Hope everyone enjoys it!

#1 Witchcraft by Graveyard Club

The song Witchcraft is an upbeat love song with a very nostalgic sound. The chorus of the song is “Darling your love’s like witchcraft”, the song describing the pain before seeing the lover's face and the aftermath of intense love. If you are looking for that burst of nostalgia that is reminiscent of 80s music this is the song for you!

#2 Witches by Alice Phoebe Lou

The song Witches is another very upbeat song that is great for dancing. It also gives a slight

nostalgic vibe that will leave you listening to it on repeat. The chorus of the song is “I’m one of

those witches babe”, it is also a romance song but it has lyrics like “just don’t try to save me

cause I don’t wanna be saved”. It is a great song and Alice Phoebe Lou is an independent artist which is also a plus!

#3 Lovesong by The Cure

Lovesong is in my opinion THE fall song honestly The Cure in general. A classic gothic love

song still upbeat and worthy of your best gothic dance moves. I have no other words to describe this song but perfection and a must for the fall season!

#4 The Perfect Girl by Mareux

The song The Perfect Girl is yet another upbeat love song but with an eerie edge. With lyrics like “You’re such a strange girl I want to be with you”. This song has a unique sound and let's be real if you like pretending to be in an edit. I don't do this is THE song.

#5 Linger by The Cranberries

Okay, put on your seatbelt because we are officially getting into our feels. The song Linger is

nothing short of heartbreak. As much as fall is a relationship season it is also a breakup season so this one's for you guys. This song perfectly invokes the emotions of a fresh breakup, “You know I’m such a fool for you. You got me wrapped around your finger? Do you have to let it linger?” The lyrics are so filled with emotions that either you are perfectly happy or actively experiencing these emotions it will hit.

#6 Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

Yet another in your feelings song but add some anger into that heartbreak. Paper Bag is such a raw depiction of love with lyrics like “hunger hurts but starving works when it costs too much to love” and “I know I’m a mess he doesn’t wanna clean up”. Like most of Fiona Apple’s music this is a must listen if you want pure raw emotion.

#7 Season Of The Witch by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s version of Season Of The Witch gives all of the witchy, spooky, fall vibes that

are a must, especially around October. Lana Del Rey recorded this song as part of a scary movie soundtrack so it is most definitely fitting for the season and queen Lana can never do wrong.

#8 Wicked Game by Chris Isaak

Yet another song that is perfect in my eyes, Wicked Games gives all the mysterious cool girl

vibes imaginable. It is a love/loss song with a semi-eerie vibe. The beat of the song is

gorgeous with lyrics like “I’d never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you. No, I’d never

dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.” This song will always be on my playlist no matter the season, listen!

#9 Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want by The Dream Academy

All I have to say about this song is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off museum scene.

#10 Lost in Translation by Lili Joy

Lost in Translation is a gorgeous song with an eerie siren-sounding beginning. It is a love/loss

song that explains the title perfectly. The song even has lines in French that add to the

sound. I love every song on this playlist but this song quickly became a favorite!

#11 Sea, Swallow Me by Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd

Sea, Swallow Me has such a powerful beat that falls under the category of dream pop/ shoegaze. This song sounds magical and even haunting perfect for the spookiness of the season. You can never go wrong with the Cocteau Twins.

#12 Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

Last but certainly not least Fade Into You, is a BEAUTIFUL song. I had to end the

playlist off with this masterpiece, another love/loss song that wraps up this playlist in the best way. Fade Into You will have you swaying to the beat and staring out into space and to me it just sounds like fall.

Written by Celeste Nieves

Photography by Sophia Keefe

Creative Directed by Lucy Anderson

Styled by Sophia Querrazzi

PA: Thea Wiener

Talent: @sophiamq_14 @gracetustin @millenlane on Instagram

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