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A 47Magazine Valentine's Day

While wandering alone on the eve of Valentine’s, The Fool encounters a Cunty Cupid. Trusting the angel, The Fool gets struck with an incurable, endless love.

The Fool feels the arrow pierce their heart, transforming them into The Romantic.

The Romantic spends their day eating sweets and daydreaming in beds of flowers. While pondering the idea of unrequited love, they meet their match.

The Lovers spend night and day together, never wanting to leave the others side, as if tied together by an invisible string. They spend caring moments learning everything about each other, and serving street fashion duo. But the Cunty Cupid lied. The spell only lasts until the end of Valentine's day. On the 15th, The Fool's paradise ends.

A seemingly inseparable pair lay in ruins, disastrously parted. The Towers come crashing, dreams and hopes of the life they planned together crumble down into a sea of burnt letters and deleted instagram posts. The chocolates once enjoyed together are thrown, soaked with glittery puddled tears on the ground. But you can only be upset over a guy for so long…

Out of the rubble and anguish rises The Empress. She rebuilds her crumbled walls, building them up and serving cunt on a magazine.

Until the next Valentine’s Day….

Vision and Story by Sophia Querrazzi

Photography and Editing by Mark Bluemle

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