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I Watched Queen Charlotte With my Mom (and you Probably Shouldn’t)

After the success of Bridgerton, fans of all ages have been awaiting the new prequel about the eccentric Queen Charlotte. This prequel explores two timelines, both revolving around the older characters in the show, including Viscountess Bridgerton, Lady Danbury, and of course, Queen Charlotte. It gives the audience insight into the lives of these characters, both in the time that Bridgerton is set and in their younger days.

The show is just as well produced as the main series, with massive, beautiful sets, stunning camerawork, and the most intricate costumes that I have ever seen. The dialogue has a great rhythm that keeps it engaging despite the use of much older language. The plot was excellent, filled with dynamic characters that were given storylines even more complex than those of the characters featured in the original series. All around, the show was excellent and I missed it when it ended.

My only regret? Watching it with my mother.

As huge Bridgerton fans, we were so excited to hear about a new show in this cinematic universe that we both adore and don’t get me wrong, she enjoyed the show just as much as I did. However, when moving to watch it together, we mistakenly went in with the idea that Queen Charlotte wouldn’t be nearly as raunchy as the original series.

This was a wildly incorrect assumption. Queen Charlotte is beyond PG13, markedly more obscene than even the original series- I mean, come on, there's a reason that the Queen had 13 children.

I would call Queen Charlotte a must-watch for all Bridgerton fans, but as much as my mom and I loved the show, we would both recommend that you and your mother watch this one separately and spare yourselves some pretty awkward moments, especially in episode 3.

Written by Lily Greenberg

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