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It’s A Super Graphic Ultra Modern 2024: 10 Songs to look out for this Spring and Summer

New York City and the five boroughs continue to be the capital of music on the East Coast. From Indie-pop to hip-hop, independent artists across the city are coming up rapidly, changing the landscape. Compiled is a list of ten songs from mostly independent artists that you can become familiar with this spring and summer before record labels do. With the warm weather and busiest months of 2024 rolling around, here’s who you should be adding to your playlists.

NYC’s own Taylor Crawford comes in at the top of this list, with his 2023 single ‘Blonde.’ Brooklyn’s Bleachers, you could call him, with vocals like those of Jack Antonoff. The lyrics are entirely self-written, with a production that’s starkly different from the indie and funk-pop sounds of his discography. Perfect for you if you’re into Bleachers or The 1975.

The 24-year-old from Jersey has your hip-hop song of the summer. The song, released in 2023 and featured on his album TESTDRIVE’, is worthy of a spot on your pregame and workout playlists.

If you ever feel like a wallflower in the most social of situations, this song is for you. The winner of The Voice’s Season 14, the New England-raised singer/songwriter released her debut album, OUT OF THE BLUE, in March 2024. The three-minute and fourteen-second track tells the story of a blooming romantic relationship, from the relatable background character/third-wheel perspective (did I mention it’s relatable?). Beginning with the ticking of a clock that turns to drums and electric guitar within the first minute, the Keith Varon-produced song blends pop-rock and hopeless romanticism. 

With just over 13,000 monthly Spotify listeners, the NYC hip-hop/rap group dropped their album CYBERBULLY in late 2023. And at track 8 with 8.7K streams is their single ‘FACETIME.’ the carefully crafted production of this track is nothing less than ear-candy. 

The LA artist’s reign on dance and synth-pop is only just getting started. Opening the North American leg of Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour, her debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess has shot to fame amongst the masses and the critics. TIME magazine ranking the album at #4 in its 2023 year-end ranking of best albums, the forty-nine-minute album features ‘Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl’ at track six. Since the new year, New York City clubs have not gone a night without the versatile vocals and get-up-and-shake-your-ass production of the Daniel Nigro-produced song. Chappell Roan is something reminiscent of the music age of ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘TiK ToK.’ Lady Gaga, watch your back.

CALLING ALL COUNTRY FANS! This NY-based singer/songwriter is bringing country twang to the concrete jungle with his single ‘Best In Show.’ Opening his 2024 EP Delusions of Grandeur, the track is perfect for your summer beach trips and car rides.

Saima’s ‘dirty laundry’ is perfect for you especially if you’re into the Lizzy McAlpine sound. Off her 2024 EP out of love, the NYU student tells an all too relatable tale of a young individual, too tired to change their jeans or take off their makeup at night. The burnt-out college student anthem.

New York’s Sam The Woo is not like other artists. The funk-pop creates a sound similar to that of Remi Wolf or Mazie with her song ‘Inhibitions.’ This one’s for you if you’re into a trippy and orchestral sound.

The debut song from Savannah Karam is everything pop-rock lovers should be looking out for this spring and summer. The electric guitar and synth-filled Lana Del Rey-esque song features a dark, yet vulnerable mood to it. The four-minute and one-second track sets an intriguing groundwork for what’s to come next from the Pace University artist.

Featuring the hip-hop/rap artist Yoshi T., Jackson August’s ‘ITS OVER’ is as if you took Lauv, Mac Miller, and Indie-pop sounds and mixed them. This may be hard to visualize, which is why the 2023 single is worth a listen. ‘ITS OVER,’ at just over 200,000 Spotify streams is currently the NY artist’s most popular song, followed by ‘POPSTAR BABY’ and ‘HOW DOES IT FEEL?’ (Two other great songs you should check out).

Written by Joe St. Pierre

Photography by Mia Scagnelli

Creative Director: Amy Kapel

Production Manager: Mark Bluemle

Stylist: Sophia Querrazzi

Talent: Swetha Vissapragada, Angelika Salinas, Bella Serrano

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