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That’s Bull: A Taurus Playlist

The Taurus has two sides: being strong (like a bull) and being in love with nature and the earth. These counterparts allow us to open our ears to all types of music. The best way to describe a Taurus in regards to a genre of music would be a mix of funk, chill, indie, and rock. 

With that said, here are some special songs for your Taurus season!

Taurus - CARRTOONS, Julia Zivic

This jam encapsulates the feeling of the bull, stating, “Like a bull I’m strong, but I could have been wrong.” We know how to stand our ground, but admittedly, it’s not necessary sometimes. If it is necessary, a grudge could be held… until we take a walk in a park. 

Backseat - Mr. Dr 

We’ve all lost our minds in the backseat of a car before. The Taurus will typically hold strong ground, and when that breaks, it feels strange. In the end, we get back up again. This indie rock jam perfectly captures that essence with the emotion in the vocals and all-around composition. 

What You Waiting For? - Gwen Stefani

This song delivers the ambition of a Taurus with no doubt (see what I did there?). When a Taurus has an idea, it’s going to get done. Our mother is just cheering us on from afar and manifesting our million-dollar contracts. 

Keep Coming Around - Z-Nemo

This indie rock jam talks about building boundaries, or walls, for yourself. “I’m gonna keep building these walls, and you’re never going to see above them.” The beginning of the song talks about how when you have people around you who trust and support you, life feels good! At the end of the day, isn’t that just what a Taurus needs? It’s what we all need. 

Shakedown Street - Grateful Dead

In order to get the good vibes, you have to go out in the world and find them. If you want to go to Shakedown Street, I recommend tagging along with a Taurus; they will keep you grounded, safe, and always dancing. 

My full playlist for this lovely season is down below! 

Written and Photographed by Mark Bluemle

Talent: Mads Willett

PA: Jazzi Almestica, Alannah Ceira

MUA: Marlie Kaye 

Coat from Diamond Durant

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