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What Flowers Mean this Spring

It’s Taurus season! Taurus is a fixed modality Earth sign and its dates range from April 20 to May 20 in each calendar year. Taurus itself was the first zodiac sign to be established by Mesopotamians—fun fact. People whose birthdays fall under those dates of April and May tend to be known as grounded, occasionally stubborn, resilient, and hardworking. But enough with the bull. Let’s get into flowers!

The flower for the sign of Taurus is the beloved poppy—and the flowers for the month of April are daisies and sweet peas, lily of the valley and common hawthorn being the flowers for May. You might be thinking, “Flowers are just flowers, aren’t they? What do these flowers symbolize?” or maybe I’m just projecting. Anyway! 

Poppies resemble endurance and peaceful death primarily in a military sense, with different colors of poppies meaning different things. Purple poppies, for example, symbolize animal suffering during conflict, such as the First World War. Otherwise, poppies innocently symbolize sleep. They are a flower known for hope for a brighter future and remembrance of what has been taken from us. A beautiful yet powerful and saddening meaning for such a small flower. And yet, to symbolize the sign of Taurus makes all the more sense if you really think about it.

For the month of April, daisies represent innocence and purity, while sweet peas represent goodbyes and kind regards. Two beautiful flowers for a month that brings us warmer days and lots of precipitation. In regard to the sweet pea, goodbyes can be tough for many, but let’s remember that the sun still shines. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers.

With that, the two flowers for the month of May, the lily of the valley and the common hawthorn, mean the return of happiness and hope, respectively. They also tend to resemble sweetness. May is a month that is truly the epitome of an idealized spring—a month with warmth, sunshine, flowers, and bees. Less of the occasional cold day that leaves you wishing you were curled up under a blanket.

With each meaning of the flowers in mind, let’s take a moment to be thankful for Taurus season and what it brings to us. There is so much beauty to be appreciated in the world, and the Taurus season is a reminder that seasonal depression is melting away, bringing us brighter days.

Written by Patty Murrill

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