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Self-Care Journey: Unveiled

Hello, my self-care Kings and Queens! Let's have a real talk about how we've all slipped a bit on the self-care and mental growth game. But hey, no judgment here; I totally get it! This isn't just another mental health spiel it's a heart-to-heart reminder that we've been there, a virtual hug if you will, telling you that we've ALL been in that "I'll take care of myself later" mode and there's comfort in that shared experience. But guess what? Now's the time! Don't just turn the page – soak it in. I know for sure I've walked in your shoes, and I want everyone here to feel that sense of "I'm not alone." College life is a rollercoaster that throws a ton at us and amidst the chaos, self-care seems like an unreachable luxury.  But, oh sweet friend, it's a NECESSITY. Self-care and personal growth are your golden tickets to a fulfilling, joy-filled, and balanced life. Picture it: a journey to a life jam-packed with joy and peace. We're talking all the calm stuff – reading, affirmations, savoring the little things, embracing the joy of missing out, and mind-blowing mindful practices that even I still use. It's not just a journey; it's a transformation. It's a game-changer, sparking strength, self-awareness, and an unyielding commitment to your well-being. Buckle up, self-care superstars let's dive in and make self-care the best part of our college adventure!


In the dance of daily life, your self-care routine becomes the melody, crafting a harmonious symphony that echoes with well-being. It's not just about acts of pampering; it's about weaving a tapestry of daily patterns that transform your life. 

Start your day with a burst of freshness, a shower, brushing your teeth, and washing your face, your daily dose of self-love. As you conquer the morning routine, make your bed – a simple act that sets the tone for accomplishment throughout the day. Hydration is key, so keep that water bottle handy. With a sprinkle of positive affirmation, a tidy room becomes a sanctuary for a clutter-free mind. From morning to night, eating regularly, and setting goals are the anchors grounding you in your objective. Jot down a daily plan, stretch, groove to music, and prioritize tasks to conquer the day. 

Weekly and bi-weekly acts, such as laundry and a hair care routine contribute to your overall well-being. Cleaning living spaces and changing sheets bring a refreshing breeze to your environment, fostering a sense of comfort. Cleaning living spaces and changing sheets bring a refreshing breeze to your environment, fostering a sense of comfort. Dive into a good book or article, and ensure your dreams align with your goals. Because we all have that random thought while we're reading or cleaning, plan your grocery shopping. Gift yourself with a professional facial – your skin deserves it. Moving into monthly practices, reorganizing and decluttering, getting your nails done as a treat, and reviewing your finances contribute to your ongoing self-improvement. Monthly reflections prepare you for the upcoming month, ensuring you stay on track. 

On a yearly scale, updating your five-year plan, and donating or selling clothes becomes not just a decluttering habit but a transformative doing. As you manage your budget, view it not just as financial planning but as a canvas to paint the masterpiece of your dreams. Craft new long-term goals, setting them as beacons guiding you through the uncharted waters of personal growth, ambition, and fulfillment. And in the grand finale, plan a trip – not just a random location but a place of self-discovery, a time to infuse your life with excitement, purpose, and memories that linger like treasures. This isn't just a routine; it's your symphony of self-care, playing the tune of a fulfilled and balanced life. 


Here's your ultimate power mantra during college: own what you can control. What are your goals and accomplishments? Boom, that's your domain. Your thoughts? You're the chief architect of that mental tower. Craft your surroundings like you're curating the coolest party playlist, and let your attitude be the life of the bash. Prioritize like a boss, react with finesse, and guard your inner circle like VIP access. Time and energy are your currencies – invest wisely in people and pursuits that light your fire. Choose what you take to heart because your emotional backpack deserves only the essentials. Your time is a canvas – paint it with smiles, indulge in activities that make your heart dance, and keep your space clean, romanticize all activities and moments in your life. What you eat, what you do, and your overall perspective – they're all ingredients in the potion of your success. So, smile often, groove to your rhythm, and remember, you're not just living life; you're curating the masterpiece of your college adventure.


Embark on a journey of self-care, embracing a spectrum of activities that cater to your physical, emotional, mental, sensory, and spiritual well-being. Elevate your physical state with invigorating workouts, calming yoga sessions, and even impromptu concerts in the comfort of your room. Engage your emotions by reminiscing through old photos, creating gratitude lists, and connecting with friends through positive affirmations. When stress knocks, find solace in a good read, breathe deeply, or treat yourself to a visually pleasing drink. Cultivate mental well-being through creative pursuits like doodling, crafting, or organizing your space. Declare a "no meeting day," schedule mental health breaks, and plan your dream vacation for a much-needed escape. Engage your senses with activities like playing with slime, picking flowers, or indulging in a scented bath. Nurture your spiritual side through prayer, nature observation, or the creation of a vision board. Embrace uniqueness with simple joys like capturing nearby moments, enjoying a serene park, or tuning into binaural beats whether it's a night in, a mindful meal, or picking out a cute outfit just because these self-care ideas invite you to prioritize your well-being with joy and intention. 


Growth takes on different forms, from choosing inner peace and overreacting to walking away from drama, and ultimately, being your validation. Trusting yourself, honoring your needs, recognizing unhealthy patterns, and falling back in love with your life are all integral aspects of personal development. Changing yourself involves adopting powerful phrases used in life, like "nothing changes if nothing changes" and realizing that "it's never too late to start." Embrace the wisdom of "yes, there will be ruptures, but focus on the repair" and understand that "not everyone will get you – they're not your people." Engage in deep, honest conversations with yourself, remembering that self-compassion releases you, while judgment never will. Be kind to both yourself and others, give compliments, and perform random acts of kindness, acknowledging that you are unique and enough, without the need for comparison.

In developing an acceptance mindset, affirmations like "this situation is only temporary" and "I've dealt with difficulties before, and I can deal with this" become guiding directions. Recognize that failure is an opportunity for growth and that the present is the only moment within your control. Let go of stress over things you can't change, understanding that "it's okay to feel negative emotions, and you can still deal with them effectively." Embrace the notion that "I can't change what has already happened" and surround yourself with people who choose you. Ultimately, an acceptance mindset encourages facing challenges with resilience and acknowledging that deep, honest conversations with yourself are sometimes the only way to navigate personal growth.


What better way to wrap up this article and connect with my book lovers than to end with book recommendations that transcend and light the flames of self-discovery? Whether you find solace in the transformative insights of Brianna Wiest's works or resonate with the poetic narratives of Rupi Kaur, these recommendations promise to be your literary companions on the journey of healing, growth, and the limitless exploration of the human experience. Happy reading!

Here are some of my top self-care and growth books:

  • Bianna Wiest 

- When You Ready This Is How You Heal

- 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think 

- The Mountain is You

  •  Rupi Kaur 

- The Sun and her Flower

- Milk and Honey

- Hone Body

  • How to live a Soft Life: Using the power of Feminine Energy - Reemus Bailey

  • Learn to Love Yourself - Alex Aubrey

Dear self-care lovers, thank you for undertaking this journey of self-discovery and well-being with me. As we guide and flow through college life, let's remember that self-care is not a luxury not worth having but a necessity that all of us deserve. May these insights and practices be your compass to a life filled with joy, peace, balance, and purpose. Your self-care journey is a symphony, and each act of kindness to yourself is a note contributing to the masterpiece of your college adventure. Take a moment to breathe, appreciate the journey, and know you're not alone. Here's to embracing the transformative power of self-care and crafting a life that resounds with fulfillment. Happy self-caring, and may your path be adorned with joy and self-love!

Written by Chloe Kaleah Stewart

Photography: Mark Bluemle

CD and Talent: Jazzi Almestica

PA: Sophia Querrazzi

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