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New Year, New Hair

Heading into the new year can be overwhelming with people trying to make resolutions, set workout goals, and reinvent themselves by slightly altering their appearance—one of these being a new hairstyle. A new “do” can elevate a person’s confidence and allow them to be viewed differently. I know that when I love a new hairstyle, I feel like I can take over the world and that my outside appearance reflects the determination and drive I hold on the inside. Here are some new styles and cuts to take into the new year, so that you can take control of your 2024.

1. Wolfcut/fringe

Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, a fringe cut looks fantastic on anyone. It is a way to look effortlessly stylish and have a haircut that fits every outfit. Once you learn how to manage the new layers that come with this cut, it is relatively easy to maintain and will have everyone asking for a 360 to show their stylist.

2. Bows. Any style with bows.

Bows might have just been a trend for 2023 but I am all for bringing them into 2024. I’ve seen people calling them the new “mustache trend” of the new age but those people just hate fun. Bows are fun! In pigtails, french braids, high ponies…bows will always be that girl.

3. Bobs…

This is most definitely an unpopular opinion….but bobs are cute. Short bobs to medium bobs, I will always be a fan. While they might be hard to style at times, there are so many different accessories you can get from hair stores to spruce it up while also elevating your outfit. I might be a little biased because I was rocking an Edna Mode-esque bob in my last two years of high school, but it was cute! Professional and stylish.

4. Wigs! Colorful wigs! Short wigs! Natural wigs!

Hair protection has been a goal of mine for almost 3 years now and I have learned that my hair thrives the most when I leave it alone (!!!!). So that is the energy that should be brought into the new year: leaving things as they are will allow for growth and positive results that would not have happened by messing with the process. This also gives people the opportunity to look at new colors and cuts without having to commit to anything! For my indecisive friends, wigs are a great (but pricey) alternative.

5. Pixie Mullets/Mullets

I have seen this look on so many different hair types and every single time I am in love with it. Another unpopular opinion, but if you can make a mullet look trendy and up-to-date, I envy you. But it is one of those hairstyles that can look so good if you are willing to put in the work to style it correctly. However, if you go the pixie route, it’s a strong enough change to bring a different type of energy with you into the new year. Hair holds memories and being able to shed the person you were and step into a new era is inspiring and could encourage others to do the same. Then as it grows out there won’t be an awkward phase because the foundation of the mullet is already there and will look good throughout the year.

Own 2024 the way you need to: in style and your most authentic self. These styles, cuts, and more will ensure that you take your new year to new heights. 

Written by Diana Victoria

Photography by Mark Bluemle

Talent and Styling: Diamond Durant

PA and Hair: Amy Kapel

CD: Mark Riggio

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