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The Final Season of Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever's fourth and final season is currently streaming on Netflix. This series stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Darren Barnet, and Jaren Lewison as this series tells the story of a complicated life of an Indian American teenage girl who takes inspiration from Mindy Kaling’s childhood. Finally, Devi and her friends have made it to senior year.

One thing the audience will notice while watching the fourth season is how much Devi has progressed since season one. Devi has grown to be more self-aware (with some minor slip-ups here and there) and is able to hold herself accountable for her questionable decisions. Now she has the tools to evolve from her anti-hero status to a more likable character compared to previous seasons.

Devi and her mother, Nalini, have come a long way from grieving the death of Devi’s father, Mohan. They both have dealt with the loss differently, which may have caused their relationship to be rocky for the last 3 seasons, but now they have come to a point of acceptance. As Devi enters this next moment when going to college and forging her own path, it’s interesting to see the representation of what parents go through to lose their child. Nalini talks about the sacrifices she made with Mohan in order for Devi to have a rich life, and it’s overwhelming to see that dream manifest in their lives. Overall, their relationship comes beautifully into full circle throughout this final season.

The show’s final season is a great way for it to be sent off. It was a whirlwind of complex storylines, emotions, and pace, which complements the show well. All the characters were written extremely well with a lot of depth in them, displaying emotions to come to the forefront. They were all relatable for the audience to some extent. The final episode is about the group graduating from high school and finding their own pathways in life. It’s admirable that the creators give it this bittersweet ending saying goodbye to all these amazing characters, rather than drag the story longer to see how far it could go. It’s sad to see this story end, and hopefully, Devi can take what she learned to Princeton. If you’ve watched Seasons 1 thru 3 you’re definitely going to want to binge Season 4. It won’t disappoint!

Written by Daniel Rojas

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