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The Representation of LGBTQ in the Media

The presence of LGBTQ+ rights has made great strides during the last decade. In the year 2010 and before, tabloids would come out and present frequent scandalous articles about queer people. Even though some time has passed and some things have changed, you may find headlines about the next queer artist or public figure but not described as grotesque as it was years before. People who identify as LGBT+ are celebrated today for being authentic and having their stories presented with more diversity and experiences than ever before.

Many of the significant improvements that have taken place in the previous few years for LGBTQ+ people have recently been portrayed on television and in movies. New gay material has exploded in 2022, from films to television shows to other media, and we can already see it in 2023 with shows like The Last of Us, Yellow Jackets, and Xo Kitty, just to name a few.

In the past LGBTQ+ people have frequently been portrayed negatively or made the punchline of jokes in movies and TV shows. Queer people have appeared in films for many years but not in the way that one may have anticipated. Gay men have portrayed these caricatures on film since the start of cinema and the media has prolonged this myth.

However, the recent upsurge in LGBTQ+ advocacy has finally impacted the story and given the media fresh insights.

When a gay character is written by another gay person, it adds the authenticity and compassion that LGBTQ+ viewers really need. The plot gains substance that can’t be achieved with straight actors when that character is then portrayed by a gay actor. True representation in cinema is crucial, especially when queer actors are frequently passed over for roles that are rightfully theirs.

Creating different types of representation, many of the new LGBTQ+ storylines on television and in movies are authentic, based on real experiences. Gay authors, performers, directors, producers, and executives are becoming increasingly prevalent in these ventures, which is assisting in raising awareness of the real experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals. These characters are finally getting their due in a wide variety of genres.

This year is bringing comedies, dramas, romance, horror, and forward from television to the big screen. The progress is extraordinary and queer audiences can’t wait to see what happens next.

Written by Daniel Rojas

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