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What You Should Try Next Time You’re High

You did it again. You just got home from your night class or the closing shift at the restaurant. Maybe you just got back from the bars and couldn’t fathom the night coming to an end so soon. You have to be up in 8 hours and that discussion post which is three days late isn’t going to write itself, but nevertheless, you still did it. You grabbed that bong and the nearest lighter and ripped it like there’s no tomorrow. We get it, we’ve all been there. When the best remedy is to indulge in the Devil’s Lettuce, the only thing you should be worrying about is an impending hedonic feeding, a craving for foods such as sweets and engineered foods for the sake of pleasure. Also known as the munchies, we asked the staff at 47 Magazine about their go-to munchies/late-night snacks.

All I wanna do is drink chai by the beach 

I’ve been in an iced chai latte phase lately. With around the same caffeine content as a bottle of Coca-Cola, you can bring it to the beach (if bringing coffee to the beach is your thing, of course).

Cake By the Ocean (the East River)

Editor-in-Chief Mark Bluemle can be found craving Chocolate Hostess CupCakes. With a creamy filling, these mini cakes can be found at your local bodega and go perfectly with a mango smoothie.

Something salty, something sweet.

47 Editor-at-Large Lucy Anderson prefers a bag of salt and vinegar chips, with a side of watermelon Sour Patch Kids. Served with a glass of Diet Coke or Gingerale, this late-night snack is complete. 

No thoughts, just blueberries

Writers Nathan Zierlein and J.D. Valdepenas’ go-to snack is a bowl of blueberries. Fresh fruit like blueberries is the perfect addition to a healthy diet as a college student.

No fun without Funyuns

Diana Victoria’s obsession with Funyuns is all too relatable. The onion-flavored corn chip is deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize, according to the writer.

A new strand of snack

Pepperoni slices with cream cheese are the perfect little side snack, according to writer Chloe-Kaleah Stewart. Going to go try this now.

The apple of my high

It’s the little things that matter, especially with peanut butter. Entertainment writer Mary Leer says that repurposing an apple pipe by cutting the apple and then drenching the slices in crunchy peanut butter is the perfect low-waste, 4/20-specific nibble.

Lost in the jalapeño sauce

The spicy green sauce goes perfectly with roasted potatoes or as taco dressing, from my experience working part-time at a Tex-Mex restaurant.

Written by Joe St. Pierre

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