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Wilmah at the Bowery Ballroom

On the night of August 18th, Wilmah had an unforgettable performance at the Bowery Ballroom, prepping the crowd for a night of great music. Being one of the first performers opening for Poptropicaslutz!, Wilmah’s set had everyone in the audience energized and dancing. Their sound being indie/alt at first listen, did not hinder them from absolutely rocking out on stage together with instrumental interludes. Immediately as they began their set, the liveliness exuded from the stage throughout the entirety of the venue.

The duo composed of Matt Connolly, the frontman on vocals and guitar, along with Will O'Connor, on bass and vocals, also had two other guitarists and a drummer joining them on stage. As each song progressed the players got more and more comfortable, feeding off of each other’s energy. It was clear they were having the time of their lives on stage because that enthusiasm only continued to hype up the crowd. A friend I went to the show with looked at me mid-set and said, “They are so groovy!” Wilmah encapsulated everything I look for in a great show/opener; fun, upbeat, and diverse in their sound.

A special cameo occurred when they brought Matilda Margolis on stage and performed a country song, which I was not expecting to completely blow me away. Their chemistry on stage along with their vocals beautifully melting together made this a performance that sticks in the back of your mind. Along with the great music and energy they brought, Wilmah’s instrumental performance was incredibly captivating, with insane guitar riffs and strong drums that echoed throughout the room. Towards the end of their set a saxophonist joined, catching everybody off guard and completely sending the audience into a state of pure bliss.

Written by Amy Kapel

Photography by Mark Bluemle

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