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"8th" by Joe St. Pierre

What is the backstory behind your new song?

I wrote my new song about a falling out I had with someone I was seeing during my first few months living in NYC. While I was walking down 8th Avenue, I came up with the original lyrics “walking alone on 8th.” Eventually the feeling and lyrics all fell into place.

What inspired you to write a song about that?

I’m the kind of person who tends to overthink a lot. I’m a very vulnerable person and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Lately, I’ve been redirecting that energy into my songwriting.

What inspires / motivates you to write music?

Almost anything inspires me to write. I could have a good day, meet someone cute, or something like that and I’ll write my feelings down in lyrics. It also goes the other way around, when I’m feeling down or angry.

Any upcoming projects?

I’m always working on something. I’ve been working on a few projects with some really cool people that I can’t wait to share. In the next year, I’m really hoping to grow career-wise and release an EP.

Photos by Mark Bluemle

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