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A High-Flying Adventure at the New York Aquarium

It was July, and with nothing much to do, Widney and I found ourselves in possession of some weed. So, naturally, we did the only thing that came to mind – we decided to embark on an adventure. Standing in line to enter the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, I glanced over at Widney, my best friend since 7th grade. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, mirroring my own. It was our first time going out in public this high, and we trusted each other implicitly for this experience.

Earlier, we had shared some infused gummies, and now as we stepped through the entrance, the air of the aquarium enveloped us. We carried the scent of saltwater and marine life with us as we ventured further into the exhibits.

"Whoa," Widney whispered, her voice filled with wonder, as we entered the first exhibit. Neon jellyfish pulsed gracefully in illuminated tanks, casting an ethereal glow. We stood there, transfixed by the mesmerizing display, our senses heightened by the effects of the gummies, the warmth outside and it made the effects hit us even harder.

"It's like we're underwater," I said, a sense of awe while a jellyfish flew by my face.

"Yeah, like we're part of the ocean," Widney replied, her eyes wide with wonder. "Oh my god, what if the fish look at us as mythical creatures in awe, like we look at them"

I slowly turned to her and just stared and said "Bitchhhh, imagine" 


We wandered through the exhibits, marveling at the kaleidoscope of colors and shapes that surrounded us. Brightly colored fish darted between intricate coral formations, their scales shimmering in the artificial light. We giggled like we were 13 again going to the deli after school except now were bored graduates with no jobs and a tone of weed lost in the beauty of the underwater world.

As we reached the shark tank, Widney's hand found mine, squeezing it tight. Towering glass walls separated us from the fierce predators that prowled within. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, matching the rhythm of my pounding heart.

"Chloe these sharks are scaring the shit outta me. What if the glass is just hard plastic and jumps out at us," Widney said, her voice tinged with excitement and fear.

"Shut up if it was it would have broken by now, plus they're also kind of majestic," I replied, feeling a sense of care for the powerful creatures before us.

As we lingered by the shark tank, our thoughts drifted to distant memories and cherished moments. Sharing stories of childhood adventures and teenage escapades, Widney and I laughed until tears streamed down our faces. We even delved into our weird inside jokes, like the one about crystals being in rocks and ants living inside them with rocketships – a story that always left us in tears.

Surrounded by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, I felt an unparalleled closeness to Widney. While we had shared many high moments, this one felt particularly special. She was more than just a friend; she was a kindred spirit, someone I trusted to share these experiences with. At that moment, I knew she was someone I could see being in my life forever, the one person I felt truly comfortable being this high around.

As we emerged from the aquarium, blinking in the harsh glare of the outside world, Widney turned to me with a smile.

"That was amazing, I'm so glad we did this," she said, her eyes shining with happiness.

"Yeah, it was, and I am too Nini" I replied, feeling a sense of gratitude for the experience we had shared.

As we sank into the cold seats of the N train, I felt a sense of contentment wash over me. Widney and I had just experienced something truly special, an adventure that would etch itself into the fabric of our friendship forever. Despite the fading effects of the gummies, the memories of that day burned brightly in my mind.

Arriving back at Widney's house, the high began to wear off, but our spirits remained lifted. When I accidentally dropped my jacket on her bed, a preroll tumbled out, sparking laughter between us. Without hesitation, we grabbed the preroll, slipped our jackets back on, and set off into the night.

Walking through the familiar streets of our youth, we reminisced about simpler times, our laughter punctuated by the occasional munchies-induced craving for Nerds ropes. With each step, I felt our bond strengthening, reinforced by shared experiences and inside jokes.

Returning home, hand in hand, our eyes bloodshot from laughter and adventure, we settled in for our "high show" on Netflix. As the credits rolled, I couldn't help but feel a profound sense of gratitude for Widney's presence in my life.

At that moment, I knew that our friendship was unbreakable, forged through laughter, shared experiences, and the occasional indulgence in gummies and prerolls. And as we drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but feel blessed to have Widney by my side, not just on that unforgettable day, but every day.

Written By Chloe Kaleah Stewart

Photography by Alec Conwell

Creative Director, Stylist, Production Manager: Jazzi Almestica

Production Assistance: Geo Mojica, Chloe Kaleah Stewart, Bella Amario

Green, Pink, and Blue Crochet Tops by Jazzi Almestica

Orange Crochet Set: @_imhooked_ on Instagram

Videography: Geo Mojica

Talent: Sierra Cruz, Thalia Bazile, Soobin Cho, Rama Ndiaye, Aloka Nanayakkara, Daniela Altamirano

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