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Abbott Elementary takes on Telfar

Still from "Abbott Elementary" S2 E14

The genius sitcom, Abbott Elementary, knows exactly how to show off top-tier product placement. Janine, just like her coworkers, dresses in mixed-matched clothing with different patterns and other accessories. It is a very accurate representation of how many educators would normally dress. The teachers, Janine especially, are oftentimes made fun of by Principle Coleman. Janine’s educator style reflects her perky and abundant personality.

During the fourteenth episode, Maurice, who is dating Janine, gives her a silver Telfar bag for Valentine’s Day. When receiving the bag, Janine pronounces the brand name saying, “It’s a Teflon.”, remaining not impressed by the bag. She proceeds to open the bag expecting to find her gift within the bag, not realizing the bag is the gift. Janine not recognizing the bag is very on-brand for her character. She doesn’t realize the importance of the bag until Maurice expresses, “That bag is expensive”. This episode continued to introduce mixed signals between Janine and Gregory. Hopefully, this burning romance will sort out towards the finale and Janine gets educated on Telfar.

Speaking of Telfar, the founder happens to be a Pace University Alumni. The Lubin School alumni, Telfar Clemens, majored in Business and graduated in the class of 2008. He created this genderless fashion line and in 2017 he was awarded the CFDA. The rise of veganism in 2020 led the famous bag to become at the top of people’s want list of that year. To keep up with the brand you can follow them on Instagram @telfarglobal

Written by Daniel Rojas

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