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Fashion's Biggest Night: What to Expect on the First Monday in May

Law Roach is retiring, the Kardashians might be banned, and anything could happen. What can viewers expect to see at this year’s Oscars of Fashion? Before the guest list is finalized, contributor Hannah Siegel offers her predictions for the upcoming Met Gala.

All Chanel Everything

Unlike Met Galas of years past, this year’s theme has one specific figure in mind: Karl Lagerfeld. While Lagerfeld has an iconography of his own: slicked back white hair, giant sunglasses, and an ever-present black-and-white suit, the jewel in Lagerfeld’s crown was his influence on the French fashion house originally founded by Coco Chanel.

Taking over in 1983, Lagerfeld ‘re-imagined’ the house, building it into a “nearly $10 billion business”. As such, be sure to expect the label’s signatures: tweed, pearls, and tons of suiting. The house’s previous poster children, such as the redemption touring Cara Delevigne may well be sporting showstoppers.

Also, be sure to look for attendees dripping with baubles (Think Naomi Campbell from the ‘92 show). Accessories–from gold chains, to low-slung belts, to feathers–were all staples of Lagerfeld’s iconic 1992 spring collection. Paris’s runway was covered in gold accents that season, from jacket trims to jewelry, and the ‘chain dress’ has taken on a life of its own–so gold will likely show up as well.

[From Left to Right: Shalom Harlow at the Fall Haute Couture show in 1995, “The Dress” aka Christy Turlington at the Haute Couture Spring/Summer show in 1992, Naomi Campbell Spring/Summer 1992]

As for the inspiration taken from Lagerfeld himself? Expect dominant eyewear, sharp angles, and black and white.

Fashion has never felt more nostalgic for the high-fashion heydays of the 90s. Here’s hoping Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell themselves actually make an appearance.

Actually Well-Dressed Men

It’s usually a Met Gala staple: famous men appearing in the same-old black and white tuxedo while their (female) dates dazzle with new styles. Celebrities from James Corden to Channing Tatum have been loudly shamed for wearing nothing but a black tux, over and over again. However, I sense a change in the air.

Maybe it’s the rising popularity of Thom Browne, who’s known for incorporating skirts into traditional menswear; maybe it’s Roger Federer’s place on the organizing committee. But one only needs to take a look at this year’s Oscars fashions to see sensibilities shifting. White Lotus’s Adam Di Marco took to the red carpet in patent leather Chelsea boots, a charcoal relaxed-fit suit, and a Dior Men’s kilt. Donald Glover sported an Alexander McQueen jumpsuit, complete with side-baring cutouts. Harvey Guilen was Cinderella-meets-40s-glamor in a glitzy Christian Siriano tuxedo-dress. Even the more conservative looks, such as Paul Mescal’s shining white tux, featured embellishments, like his color-blocked outfit and red carnation on the lapel.

Alton Mason’s Valentino Fall 2022 Haute Couture look styled with Maison Margiela Tabi shoes

In the end, stars might be itching to follow the internet’s daddy and man-of-the-moment Pedro Pascal’s lead, who recently graced the season premiere of The Mandalorian in cable-knit mesh, oversized glasses, and even a preppy sweater tied around the shoulders. Color? Revealing fabrics? Counter-intuitive yet somehow sexy styling?

Dare I hope for an exciting menswear moment?


2021’s Met Gala saw Black Lives Matter activists being carted away in zip-ties and tackled to the ground. Last year’s theme, “In America: an Anthology of Fashion” was met with derision and confusion. Even AOC’s infamous “tax the rich” dress ignited a maelstrom of backlash.

Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

This year, the decision to honor Karl Lagerfeld has already garnered criticism, given his laundry-list of offensive comments. Lagerfeld had an outspoken distaste for body-inclusivity in fashion, badmouthed gay marriage and same-sex adoption, implied that Germany welcoming Syrian refugees was akin to “kill[ing]...Jews so you can bring…their worst enemies in their place”, and hated the #MeToo movement. Notoriously, Lagerfeld also defended stylist Karl Temper after being accused of pulling down a model’s underwear.

Even Anna Wintour, ever the calculating queen of the ball, is facing her own crisis of confidence. After union-busting efforts at Condé Nast, accusations of racism, and long-suppressed murmurs that Wintour has outlasted her own expertise, it seems that the tide of public opinion has finally turned against her.

With each of these PR disasters colliding together, it will come as no surprise if protestors rally beyond the fences on 5th Ave.

Whatever the Met Gala brings, all eyes will be pointed towards those famous red steps come May 1st. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Written by Hannah Siegel

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