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Blue Carpet Beauty

There are a few facts about life that we all know:

1. Beauty and fashion are two ways we can romanticize our lives.

2. Celebs and their glam teams use award shows to present established, fresh and sparkling looks to the world, and for us as ‘the world’, we soak these looks up to judge, learn from, and admire.

3. However, more importantly, beauty is more than surface deep, and as much as these looks are aesthetically pleasing. They allow for a gateway into the celebrity’s overall appearance and the aim behind it.

That being said, the Oscars may be one of the most celebrated award shows held during the year, recognizing star after star for their reputable work in film, motion picture, and art. However, the after party held by Vanity Fair is where we see these ‘stars’ shine bright. I’ll place the "vain" in Vanity Fair and look at the Glam presented to us on the blue carpet.

Starting with someone from my side of the pond, Amelia Dimoldenberg of North London, creator of chicken shop date (featuring many of your favorite musical artists). She graced the cameras in an all-around ‘less is more’ look. Her dark smokey eye and the bl ack fitted dress were satisfyingly paired with ginger blown-out locks which gave for a delicate soft glam. This look exuded comfort yet confidence for her first appearance at such a reputable event.

Princess Jasmine, all grown up, was in attendance. Embodied through Simone Ashley’s Nina Ricci teal look. To accent the sparkling gown, Ashley was adorned in Boucheron diamonds, and her makeup was kept light with a soft rosy matte lip for some color. Regency seems to be a theme for her, just like her recent role in Bridgerton as a viscountess. Where, just like she did for Vanity Fair, she kept her looks bright and colorful. Accentuating her skin perfectly and capturing not only our hearts but the heart of the Viscount too!

Loewe has recently been making major waves with their runway and ready-to-wear collections. From balloon heels to 3D-printed structured garments, Loewe knows how to create clothing that will turn heads. Their White Calla Lily dress draped on was no exception. The corseted bodice fit Aboah perfectly, with the White Calla Lilies sitting perfectly to cover up breasts as a cheeky notion. The looser, more flowy, bottom half of the gown draped and fell like water around her feet, giving her an air of ethereality as she glided across the carpet. The glossy eyelid look and skin-focused makeup blend fit the entire look. Giving the dress its moment to shine as well as highlighting her natural beauty.

For her first public appearance of this caliber since her trial testifying against Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion wowed in her Bach Mai gown, styled by the legendary Law Roach. The rapper exuded opulence with her mermaid shimmery black dress and dripping Gismondi jewels. As much as the dress and jewelry stunned, the real show was up top through her face and hair. It’s hard to miss the deep contour which gave her face a strong base. Considering the bullying she has been experiencing on the internet recently, this new appearance of power from her is so refreshing and well-received. The dark pink ombre lip with the sharp eyeliner personified the word glam and was perfected with the blown-out curly afro. As a person of color myself, wearing my afro gives me an overarching feeling of freedom and this resonates perfectly with Megan’s recent emotions surrounding her trial. The Vanity Fair carpet was the perfect place to give us such a beautiful look and present herself as free from all the recent negativity.

Hunter Schafer undeniably presented my favorite look from the evening. I am always for women feeling liberated to show skin and body, especially in a society that consistently makes us feel as though we need to be ‘covered up’ as compared to our male counterparts. Schafer kept her top half structured with a single feather adorning her chest whilst displaying her toned midriff. Her bottom half was draped with a white flowy bias-cut skirt. The flowy theme was kept up with her beach-wave hair and minimal makeup. Her look overall was young, fresh, and completely angelic. Just beautiful.

I just had to include Dove Cameron’s sexy Maticevski look. Dove Cameron would most definitely play both swan roles in Swan lake. From her Disney days, with bright blonde hair and preppy looks that radiated white swan. To her recent looks from her ‘Boyfriend’ era, such as this one. Her dark brunette hair fits her and her personality so perfectly, nestled with a soft brown shimmery eyeshadow and bright red lip. The black structured gown sits so nicely on her body and the beaded chest plate was such a nice accent, shying away from the little black dress aesthetic. This look immediately screamed black swan, it’s beautiful to see such diversity from her as an actress/artist both in her work in the studio and on screen, and now off-screen through her fashion.

Glam, beauty, and fashion are more than surface-deep, they are all words that mean something different to us all, and what we consume and produce day to day reflects that. Regardless of personal thoughts/opinions surrounding celebrities, award shows, and events, these are the times when new ‘favorites’, ‘hits’, ‘misses’, and iconic looks are displayed. This expression of self is supposed to be fun for both us as viewers and celebs themselves, anything more or less is pointless.

Written by Davianna Prescott

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