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Cab Ellis: From Eccentric Openers to Memorable Headliners

It is easier than ever for artists to grow their audience through the power of the internet. With Tiktok’s For You Page and Spotify’s Discover Weekly, it’s rare to discover new music through word of mouth. When I was first introduced to the alt-rock band Cab Ellis, all I was told about them was that this is a band you need to see live. I have had the pleasure of seeing this band twice in the past month.

When I saw them for the first time at Mercury Lounge opening for Telescreens, I was surprised by the large ensemble storming the stage. The band was made up of eight members and continued to surprise me throughout their set. From the beginning of their set, they captured everyone’s attention, having an electrifying sound of alt-rock and jazz (yes, there is a horn section in the group). The band further set itself apart with the lead singer Connor Abeles’ rap-style delivery and eccentric dance moves, making it nearly impossible to look away. The magnetic stage presence of the band intoxicates the crowd, making the audience feel like they are a part of the show themselves. Abeles joined the group numerous times in mosh-pits or just taking a break off stage wandering around. During their final song, Bad Health, nearly half the band followed Abeles and joined the audience.

After their set, I went to the bar and kept hearing the same question “Who was that?” The only critique about their set was that it was limited, nearly forgetting that they were just the opener. Thankfully a few weeks later, at Brooklyn Made, they were able to fulfill the crowd further as headliners. With a longer set, there was more of everything; high energy, moshing, Abeles jumping in and out of the crowd, and even someone from the crowd storming on and off the stage.

If you want a memorable night in New York City, catch these guys at their next show, and I promise you’ll have a night to remember.

Written by Ashley Murphy

Photography by Naomi Veloz

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