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Current Summer Fashion Trends

Many of us can safely say that summer is the most anticipated season of the year. Longer days, warmer nights, catching flights, and an all-around unspoken sense of calm all contribute to making summer feel the way it does. With that comes a whole new ball game of seasonal fashion, with the heat it’s harder to layer and create looks that express something, but who wants to risk looking ‘regular’ just because it’s hot? No one!

Thankfully the current summer fashion trends I’ll be breaking down highlight just how to incorporate a sense of style into the practicality of the season.

Firstly, denim.

Now denim could be a hit or miss for some because it is a heavier fabric. However, from the runway to High Street, denim has been deconstructed in so many different garments aside from jeans. You can find corsets, bra tops, and mini, midi, and maxi dresses all modified for hotter days. I’ve seen denim pieces and accessories from PrettyLittleThing and Zara through Jacquemus, spanning every price point and every vision. So if you want to try to create a more summer-friendly version of Britney's (or Justin’s) denim looks, now is the time to do so!


So many different aesthetics can be named as responsible for this trend. Beyonce’s renaissance, Taylor’s Era’s tour, mermaid-core, and even Barbie-core have caused a surge in metallic colors and designs for summer ’23. Towards the beginning of the year, silver and gold took over stores both high fashion and high street. However as we ventured into summer all colors have been metallicized, Like Danielle Guizio’s mini paillette skirt in pink and green, Brandon Blackwood’s Kuei metallic leather top handle bag in blue, and even Ganni’s metallic mesh top that’s iridescent!

Metallic was most recently seen the most recently at Coachella, which was before summer even broke. So, with summer being the season of pool parties, concerts, and events, these shiny pieces are a great way to catch the sun, catch the light, or maybe catch some eyes!

Quiet Luxury

It was only a matter of time before this popped up. I’m sure Mrs. Richie-Grainge has had to spend bank on massages due to carrying this entire trend on her back recently, and rightfully so. Her fashion since being with her now husband Elliot has been nothing short of tasteful luxury. However, due to the price tag attached to many, if not all of Sofia’s clothing being considerably steep, there is a stigma that quiet luxury can only be achieved with expensive luxury pieces. Whilst that may be conveyed in the name, this style can most definitely be attained without having expensive clothing.

After all, the trend boasts neutral and earth-toned color palettes, tailored garments, and specific fabrics such as linen, silk, and cotton. These are all characteristics that can be achieved by a trip to Zara, Mango, Banana Republic, and even H&M, as well as taking your clothes to the tailor to ensure they fit you well. Paying attention to how your clothes and outfit look aside from where your clothes are from is the key to stealth wealth.


Maybe we all feel like this is our season to bloom because florals have been taking over fashion pieces since spring. Floral prints have come on the scene as an ode to many different aesthetics, from the 2000s by brands like IamGia and Jaded London, preppy/old money through love shack fancy and Selkie, and also resort wear through Anna Sui and Coperni. Floral patterns have even been paired with the blurred print trend by designers such as Dries Van Noten and Carolina Herrera, which debuted a fresh and less monotonous version of floral print.

I’m 100% positive we have all seen the 3d rosette accenture slowly sweep through the fashion world recently. The frilly, fabric roses were an accent piece on almost every mesh dress Fanci Club debuted about a year ago. Since then they have been seen on clothing by House of CB, Oh Polly, Zara, and many more. Especially paired with the ruffle trim in the same fabric, these pieces look like budding roses with beautiful stems cascading down the wearer. The applique has even been replicated in accessories like bracelets, so you can get the 3d look without an entire dress or top. Loewe has recently popularized the 3d garment trend and so the floral applique has been a welcome girly twist.

All these recent summer trends are unique in their way and as promised they provide a way of dressing fun and stylish whilst still trying to navigate the humidity and heat. We have all found ways of stylizing winter, and with summer we can do the same. Summer is the season of having fun, so do so with your clothes as well as your activities!

Written by Davianna Prescott

Photography by Mark Bluemle

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