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Editors Note: Issue 06

Graphic by Chloe Amen

“When I think of July I think of lavender, roses, hydrangeas, and herbs. Flowers are used for every occasion, from weddings to funerals, through good and bad times. This is why we thought it was a perfect time for The Floral Edition, a flowery representation of summer realness.

This issue is special for several reasons but is especially different as we separated this issue into sections: Floral summer, Traveling summer, and Nostalgic summer. Through floral, we can express 47’s cunty aesthetic as well as the brightness that summer brings. For people using the summer to travel, whether to beaches, out of the country, or around NYC, the travel summer section shows our picks of great places to visit and enjoy this summer. The Nostalgic summer section reminds us of what summer was like through past decades, as well as reminiscing on summer break in the 2000s when we were kids.

Our 47 Team is constantly growing, and this shines through in our newest issue. We have more collaborations and projects that we are ecstatic about, and can't wait to release to you with The Floral Edition. Thank you to our amazing team and everyone who stays updated, and especially to Mark for making so many of my ideas for this issue come to life!” - Sophia Querrazzi

“Issue 06 was our most ambitious issue yet. With double the articles and photoshoots as the last issue, we pushed ourselves to the max to create this insanely beautiful project for the 47Club.

We knew we wanted something summery, but didn’t want to just call it “Summer Part 1”. Sophia came up with this gorgeous theme with the photoshoot and article ideas - it came together so well and I'm forever thankful for my co-founder. She truly put this together while I was away and you can say I'm a little excited we found our little groove again.

Our future issues are getting much better so quickly. Thank you to our amazing staff for turning our silly little project turn into something bigger. See you next month, and enjoy the issue!” - Mark Bluemle

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