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Drake at the Barclays Center: 7/17/23

After five years, Drake came back on tour for an astoundingly good show, one that was unlike anything else we’ve seen before. Drake made his fifth stop on his “It’s All a Blur” tour last week at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City. The show begins with the younger version of himself rising from underneath the stage, showing how much he has grown over the years, both in his career and as a person. As “Look What You’ve Done” instrumental begins, he walks onto the stage, interacting with the audience as he passes. Once he sits down on the couch with the younger version of himself, the song restarts, and Drake begins to sing.

The crowd became very hyped up when “Know Yourself” came on. The audience says the famous line, “I was running through the six with my woes,” and Drake hyped them up as he gave them a second chance to deliver the line back to him. The music builds up, the audience screams the lyrics, and fireworks explode from above. When he performed “Nice For What,” the energy in the room exploded, and everyone was singing their hearts out. For the song “Search and Rescue,” which was released more recently, Kim K says the line “I didn’t come this far, just to come this far and not be happy,” which Drake follows with, “I didn’t.” He then exits the stage, and 21 Savage comes out.

21 Savage came out of section 118 and opened with the song “Red Opps” and during the part where there are gunshots, fireworks banged in an explosive manner. The crowd loved the hype energy that 21 gave opposed to Drake’s more mellow vibes. With such gritty lyrics the audience gets to bring out their savage side. He then plays “Who Want Smoke??” and the D.A.R.E logo is shown across the stage. The entire stadium is covered in red and the lights strobe and flash between white and red. The energy is strong and thousands are jumping and the floor is moshing. To close it out he plays one of his most hype songs “Mr. Right Now,” which set the mood perfectly for Drake to re-enter the show.

Drake emerges from beneath the stage to play “Knife Talk” with 21. The next song they performed was “Spin Bout U,” gaining heavy audience interaction. Near the second bass drop, as the energy in the room builds up, he screams YEAHHH, and fire shoots out from the middle of the stage, and the audience goes insane for this. At the end of the show, he gives tribute back to Virgil Alboh for being one of the most influential people of our time and being the greatest minds of our generation. He closes out with “Legend” where he sings the ending which was different from the original song. It was entirely vocals and he sang it much slower which felt very intimate and made it seem unique to something that he would only do on tour. He then ends the show with a motivational speech telling the audience to take care of themselves, live their best lives, and most importantly, live a good life.

Written by Shrithik Karthik

Photography by Shrithik Karthik

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