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Editor's Note - Issue 07

The world is literally on fire.. and this month, so is 47. It seems to be fading away while politicians continue to ignore our urgent global climate crisis.

August: Leo season, hot, fiery, fierce, and all the things that make you sizzle. But this is also a time of record-breaking heat, wildfires, and the burning presence of the end of the world. What can we do, besides burn with it?

For our 7th issue, 47Magazine is lighting up the pages, sparking conversations, and feeling the heat. We celebrate the accomplishments of some outstanding influencers, artists, and creatives in NYC. Being a fun and fresh fashion magazine, we also present topics that keep our spirits high during this summer season.

Start your August off with flaming issues and sexy photoshoots that remind us we all start and end in ashes and dust.

We have some more articles on the way and hope that you enjoy the issue! Thank you for being part of our community and supporting the next generation of voices.

- Sophia Querrazzi and Mark Bluemle

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