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Fig Lizard: Out of Town #4

How did you come up with your group's name?

Louis, our lead singer, Matt, our guitarist, and Noah, our keyboard player debated for several hours and were inspired to name ourselves after a fruit after the band Peach Pit, and our guitarist suggested we do a fruit-animal combo. Our leader singer is obsessed with fig trees, so Fig Lizard was one of the first suggestions and that was what stuck. Other contenders for our name were Galileo’s Thumb, Clay Formations, Tetra, and the Algorhythm.

How did the band come together?

Louis and Frank, who plays bass, met at a conference in Boone, NC in June 2022 while they were both students at Clemson University. They started playing together with Louis’ neighbor Matt, who played guitar. The three put an ad on Craigslist and met Noah and Ethan, our drummer. Matt, who was playing lead guitar, left the band in February 2023 to move to Denver and the band has been a four-piece ever since!

What have been some of your favorite/ memorable performances?

Our favorite show we played has been at Pi Lam Spring Jam in Cullowhee, NC. It was a Greek life-related event and we played on a makeshift stage made of wooden pallets and under a giant tarp made into a tent. It was at one end of a huge field full of Western Carolina students and there was a giant trash bonfire in the middle of the field. We felt like we were in Animal House and had an awesome time drinking beer and smoking cigarettes with other bands and the people attending. Other notable shows have been our first ‘real’ gig at Inchoate Art Gallery and the house show we recently played in Florence, SC.

What are your favorite songs to perform?

One of our favorite songs to play is Mr. Limmertz, which was the first song that we released on Spotify. It tells the story of a man who lives the American dream but hates his life. We also love playing Devil Woman, which is a Santana-style jam, and Girl from 6b, which tells the story of a romance between two neighbors living in an apartment complex. They will both be on our album which will be coming out soon!

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