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Finding Fashion Inspiration with Richelle Fatalo

Who and what inspires you most?

In the fashion industry, I am inspired by Bella Hadid and New York City. Living in the city has inspired me to get out of my stylistic comfort zone and be more bold with my choices. I feel free to wear the outfits I currently wear without fear of being judged or ridiculed.

How would you say your style has changed in the past year or so?

In this past year, I would say my style hasn’t changed much but as new things come into trend, I try to add them into my wardrobe. Cowboy boots are one trend I absolutely adore, as well as ugg ultra minis. I love to pair my ugg ultra minis with jeans, a skirt and leg warmers or even with sweatpants. Versatility is very important to have in an item of clothing.

What brands would you want to model for?

A few brands I would want to model for are Versace, Mugler, McQueen, and Moschino. Each brand has their own uniqueness that inspires me. Every season is something different and they aren’t repetitive like some other brands can be. Moschino, especially, is so unique to me; each season is very different from the other and each design is so creative.

Any top goals for 2023?

My top goals for 2023 are to get an internship with a fashion house or vogue magazine and/or to study abroad.

Interviewed and Photographed by Mark Bluemle

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