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Winter Fashion Trends

It’s almost winter, and you know what that means: having to choose between looking hot or staying warm. In New York City, to survive you must combine the two. I’ve been noticing fashion trends coming in and out over the past few winters. As I have strong opinions on everything, I’m going to give a runthrough of a few winter wardrobe must-haves, and which pieces I think you need this winter. ​​​​​​​

Leg warmers: As ballet/coquette core grows amidst the tumblr resurgence, the amount of leg warmers I see rises. Personally, I love leg warmers. I used to do ballet and leg warmers were a must to avoid freezing at the bar. Leg warmers are a cute and comfortable way to keep your legs warm when wearing skirts or dresses as the weather gets colder. I love the way leg warmers look over chunky boots, and the nice thing about leg warmers is that you can change the appearance of them by having them sit higher on your calf or rolling them down by the ankle. Balaclavas: This was a very popular trend last winter, but I haven’t seen many people styling these so far this year. I hope these stay in trend because I love a good balaclava. They are easy to DIY, by grabbing a scarf and strategically wrapping it around your head and neck. In the winter with a warm balaclava, my head, neck, and ears stay so warm I can forget about baggy coats. Something about a balaclava just screams “this person knows what they are doing with their style”. Russian hat/Ushanka: Will these replace the balaclava this year? Russian hats are fuzzy, generally black hats that stand up off the head. These are definitely a statement piece to any winter outfit. They seem very warm however, depending on the fur they are probably not the best choice for when it's snowy. I can stand by these hats, although I doubt I’d ever wear one. You definitely have to have a certain amount of confidence to pull these off, but don't get the one with the ear covers…they look bad. Warm tights: Have you ever wondered why people wearing dresses with black tights in the winter aren’t cold? This is because of the amazing product of fuzzy tights. I have been wearing fuzzy tights since high school and they have never failed me. You can get tights that have a fuzzy-nude inner layer acting as fake skin too! I just recently saw a company making this useful for people with darker skin tones rather than the light nude which is commonly seen. Having these in your wardrobe allows you to comfortably wear skirts and dresses in the winter. Definitely a must have! Afghan coat: I don’t know if you can consider these coats new, but they are new for this fashion cycle. There is a picture of 8 year old me somewhere wearing a tan afghan coat that I probably got from the gap. Honestly, I really like these coats. I think most coats avoid colors but these coats use colors in the best way. The coat itself can be one color while the fur can be another giving various options. I generally stay away from fur jackets as they can get really matted, nasty, and wet in the winter, but for someone who cares more about fashion than practicality these are soo cute! They also seem to be warm as well. These coats come cropped, mid-length, and long, which all give completely different vibes. Puffer Jacket: If you’re in NYC you know of the puffer jacket. There are so many different shapes, brands, colors, crops, etc. of puffer jackets that it’s hard to give a broad review. Some people look really good in their puffer jackets, others look like a walking marshmallow. Personally, I tried the puffer look and it just didn't work for me, but I won’t sit here and hate on it because I respect the puffer for its iconic status. I’ve found though that puffer jackets are worn for a short period of time in the city around late fall to early winter before they are replaced by warmer and more functional coats.

Uggs: Why?? Again?? Okay, to be real I don't have anything against uggs. If I were to dive into the pit of my closet, in the back, I would find the home my fake uggs from years ago have built. I understand the hate against them, but honestly most of it is sexist due to the fact that women used to love wearing uggs. The same thing happened to white Adidas sneakers once everyone started wearing them. I think the main issue with trends is, people eat them up until no one is original; then they’re spit out and left to remain in the back of the closet until I eventually clean it out. However, I will say that I absolutely despise the way uggs sound when people are dragging their feet on concrete. In terms of versatility, uggs definitely provide warmth and comfort, but as the snow and slush blankets Manhattan, the uggs will be destroyed. Maybe this comes back to my dislike for faux fur (or real fur). I don’t like how it looks and I don’t like how gross they eventually become. I am more open minded to the ugg slides, as they are pretty much just slippers and who doesn’t love a warm slipper. Sweater sleeves: When I first saw these I HATED them. Do you wear them when you're hot or when you're cold? They didn’t seem very warm or actually useful, but then this gorgeous girl in my Philosophy class came in wearing one and my whole view changed. These are for the people who never get cold and want to wear bras and crop tops in the winter without regretting their decision the second they step outside. It’s like add-on sleeves! You can wear whatever shirt you desire and adding these sleeves will give you an extra layer. Next time I see these at a thrift store I am definitely purchasing. You can also DIY this look by taking a sweater (I used a cropped one for a less chunky fit) and lifting the front around your head so only the sleeves are shown. Most of the time the back will just look like you have a jacket on. Fuzzy socks: Time and time again I find myself running back to the warm embrace of fuzzy socks. They are the perfect way to add some craziness to your outfit as there is no limit to the prints you can find on fuzzy socks. Also, they keep your feet warm and in the winter, what is more functional and important? During the winter, it will be hard to catch me not wearing a pair of fuzzy socks. Fingerless gloves: I feel like I’m trying to make fetch happen with this one. As the tumblr aesthetic rises from the depths of…wherever it went, I feel the necessary accessory for winter is a nice pair of fingerless gloves (if you’re not wearing normal ones). The pros of these are that you can get so many different colors, you can still use your phone, keep your hands warm, and you don’t have to touch the subway with your bare hands. Fingerless gloves give edgy skater but in such a chic way. ​​​​​​​

If I don’t look good it’s hard for me to feel good. When going to war against constant darkness and the cold that chills me to the bone, wearing sweatpants out might make me more comfortable but mentally it crushes my spirit. Which is why cute and comfortable winter apparel is a must. The more layers the better because you can always take something off. I’m always looking for new and different clothes to try, so a change of season is like a refresh on my closet and outfit choices. I hope this helped you get a little insight on the clothes you will likely be seeing this winter.

Photos by Mark Bluemle

Written by Sophia Querrazzi

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