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Get The Look: Top 4 “Horror Girl” Styles this Halloween

Over the past few years, ``Horror Girl'' or final girl fashion and cosplays have stormed

TikTok-style spaces and social media. We’ve donned our fair share of plastic fangs, flammable wigs, and itchy Halloween costumes to help emulate our favorite pop culture icons or characters. However, before we reach the dress-up stage, drafting the perfect Halloween costume is either a fun or woeful affair. Collecting the necessities needed to construct the look can be costly, disappointing, or straight-up tedious. Whether you’re sprinting to Spirit Halloween or fighting the hoards of thrifters and Depop resellers at GoodWill, this “fun” experience can easily turn sour. Since the 2020s’ there’s been an influx in Sidney Prescott’s, Maxine Minx’s, Anna Delvey’s, and an over-exhaustion of costumes based on the cast of Euphoria. Regardless of where you are in the drafting process, these Top 4 deadly vixens are a few ethical and unique costume ideas for this spooky season.

#1. Faith Lehane, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997)

Most of us know and love Faith’s “better” half Buffy Summer for her girly crucifix-donned

ensembles and killer fighting skills but not many of us remember how iconic Faith’s style was. Typically spotted in a fitted denim jacket and taut leather pants, Faith tends to favor a vampy color palette of black, gray, and brown with striking hints of deep red and navy blue. Being

one of the vampire slayers, her style is manufactured for battle, her shoe of choice being platform combat boots or Dr. Martens. Faith’s outfit formula consists of bootcut jeans, a bold graphic t-shirt, a denim or leather jacket, and potentially a wooden stake. To obtain this

quintessential 90s look, see more of Faith Lehane’s outfits below.

#2: Sarah Fox, My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2011)

Despite most of Gen-Z’s trauma towards the skinny-jean epidemic of the 2010s, Sarah Fox is

exempt from the perils of business casual attire and chunky statement necklaces. Sarah’s

girl-next-door aesthetic consists of knee-high boots, floral dresses, midi skirts, lacy tights, and

structured denim, wool, and leather jackets. While struggling to maintain her human facade, this

hyper-innocent look contrasts with her true nature as a repressed blood-sucker. Her color scheme

is made up of purple, blue, fuschia, gray, and black. Honestly, anything from your heydays in

middle school or the ninth grade could fulfill her style needs.

#3. Courtney Shayne, Jawbreaker (1999)

Once described as “Satan in heels” Courtney Shayne is an authoritarian of style and taste. After

accidentally choking her best friend with a jawbreaker, Courtney is crowned supreme of her

school and exclusive friend group. Allegedly Soulless and self-obsessed, Courtney’s eclectic

wardrobe depicts her innate control and manipulation over her friends and followers. The key to

Courtney’s signature styles are neck scarves, bustier tops, hot pants, and pencil skirts. Courtney’s

color wheel draws from shades of red, purple, blue, and green. Her pin-up aesthetic is easily

recreated by wearing colorful basics, cropped cardigan tops, and flashy 90s sunnies.

#4. Thana, Ms. 45 (1981)

Tumblrinas from the days of yore might remember this iconic screencap of Thana, the killer nun

from the cult classic film Ms. 45 (1981). This iconic costume has been worn by the likes of

Barbie Ferreira in Euphoria is referenced throughout numerous pop culture art. The good

news is the wearer only needs half a nun's habit, a slip gown or black dress, and a bold scarlet lip.

Written by Nathan Zierlein

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