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Hi, Barbie!

Everyone say “Thank you, Greta Gerwig!”

How does one judge plastic perfection? After anticipating this movie for a year, I walked out writing this straight out of the Dolby Theater, speechless. This movie needs to be part of the DOE curriculum. I have been anticipating this date for a year, and I can’t believe my experience is now for my first watch. (As a movie lover, I wanted this to be a real movie-going experience, so I had to be extra.)

A week before its release date, I searched online like a maniac for tickets but failed to find any. So I decided to see it as my Friday breakfast special at 9 am at the Dolby Theater at AMC Lincoln Square. It was an experience I hadn’t had at the cinema in a long time. As soon as I got to the theater, it was a hectic, pink environment. While in all black, I stayed on theme and brought along a hot pink umbrella since it was rainy in the morning. The theater was decorated to celebrate this historic day; the pink carpet rolled out, a doll box photo-op, a $65 large popcorn bowl, and a Barbie Corvette set. (I would’ve bought it, but we are on a budget)

The theater was packed, making you think this was a 9 pm showing, not a 9 am. Everyone and their mothers(literally) were there.

The audience laughed, gasped, sobbed, and clapped in unison. In some parts, I could hear audience members make comments like “Oh shit,” “That’s my girl,” and “facts” to what is said in the movie in regards to discussing the elephant in the room, the negative effect Barbie has placed on women with their image.

With the large screen and fantastic audio, in the end, as the people of Barbie Land wave her goodbye, I put my hand up for a second, going to wave also but quickly put it down. I’m so delusional that the movie made me feel like I was a bystander at Barbie Land saying bye to the iconic stereotypical doll.

After I left the theater, I walked the streets of New York, and all I could see people wearing was pink, pink, and pinker. The impact of this movie can already be seen after just a single weekend in theaters.

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