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How the Gang Pulled up To Black History Month

February has been a whirlwind month for Black Creatives and it isn’t even over yet!

The beauty of Black History Month kicked off with the 65th Grammy Award Show where history was both made and broken. Viola Davis reached EGOT status with her Grammy win, solidifying her presence as a powerhouse actress. From How to Get Away With Murder to the recent The Woman King, Viola is an inspiration to many regardless of age, gender, or race; and it is beautiful to see her dutifully rewarded. Beyonce became the most awarded artist in Grammy history with four wins that night! Lizzo also received her very first grammy award. Since breaking onto the scene in 2020 during the pandemic, Lizzo has stolen hearts with her infectious music and personality. Hopefully this grammy is the first of many more. The achievements of these women are not only a win for black people but black women. They show us that we really do cause a stir!

On February 12th, 2023, Virgin Hotels NYC served as the home to an epic collab between two black creatives. Halimotu Shokumbi, founder of Lima SS World clothing, and DJ Wemi-mo threw a joint party celebrating Halima’s clothing brand while bringing out black media presences from all over the US. There was a vibe in every single room of the hotel’s restaurant, Everdene. There was a LimaSS World pop up shop, a lit bar on the balcony with a Bad Girls Club confessional set up, and finally, a dance floor and DJ set where DJ Wemi did her thing. The 7-hour event exuded black excellence, good vibes, and fun. By working at Everdene myself, I had a front row seat to the entire experience. I enjoyed myself so much I didn’t even feel like I worked that day. Instead, I got paid to vibe out for an evening and trust me, if I ever want to vibe out like that again I’m going to be wherever DJ Wemi is for sure.

Virgin Hotels NYC

There was no way I was going to write a piece on major BHM moments and not include mama Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime performance. The new mom graced the Super Bowl field on February 12th for her first solo performance in seven years and she did not disappoint. The entire set up was simple but effective as she was suspended 60 ft in the air! Rihanna’s red outfit and iconic lip on stage along with her backup dancers in white made for the perfect contrast. For those confused, Rihanna presented the course of her career through her performance, costumes, and song sequence. She opened the show on the highest platform symbolizing that she is the prize whilst belting BBHM and expressing her power. During the middle of the show, she joined her dancers in choreography as she sang some of her more fun and memorable songs Pose, Work, and Wild Thoughts, displaying her solidity as an artist. For the finale, she was back in the air singing Diamonds, reminding everyone of her rarity as a performer, but most importantly, reestablishing her place in music. The biggest shocker was also that she reestablished being a mother by simultaneously announcing her second pregnancy. The entire performance was beautifully coordinated, and for a pregnant woman, it was such a comeback.

As for the black creatives event that took place on the same day? Yeah, we made sure to have the halftime show on just for our girl Rih Rih.

February may be a short month, but Black history and Black presence is tall! We’re establishing our value in society whether big or small and making sure everyone knows we aren’t to be played with. Happy Black History Month!!

Written by Davianna Prescott

Photography from Getty Images

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