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Small Boutique Fashion Week Review 2/11/23

Small Boutique was a perfect show. The venue was in a private loft (that I would kill to live in) near Union Square. The show had a very fashionable audience and a wine bar. The ambiance of the whole place was great and everyone was having a good time. The designers were all so different and that made the show super engaging. The models looked amazing and everyone's walks were unique to their own persona. They all looked confident and although you can’t smile on the runway, they were happy to be there. Every models energy filled the room with greatness and it made the entire experience that much better. When the models are having a good time, you’re having a good time.

The designers clothed featured sweats, swimsuits, camouflage, and more! Every piece was created with hard work and love. The designers were so proud of their models and of themselves. The work that they put into each article of clothing takes time and effort. All of the designs were super creative and amazing. You could tell that whatever the model was wearing was perfectly tailored to them.

The experience of Small Boutique felt like we were at a top designer show. I cannot wait to come back and see another! Thank you to SBFW for their hospitality and for being so kind. Until next season!

Written by Sofia Destefano

Photos by Mark Bluemle; From the 6:30pm show.

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