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Isabel Pless: Out Of Town #2

How long have you been making music? What led you to want to be a performer?

I started taking guitar lessons when I was 10, and I started writing music at 12. I didn’t actually

think that a career as a performer was possible for me– it always sort of felt like a pipe dream.

So I wrote music just for myself for a long time and would perform at open mics and cabarets, I didn’t start pursuing music as a career until I started posting on Tiktok, and started releasing music in late 2020.

What have been some of your favorite/ memorable performances?

I recently did a couple of headline shows (one in Boston and one in London) that blew

my expectations out of the water. I’ve never had audiences sing all of my songs so loudly

before– it was emotional for me. I also really enjoyed opening up for Donovan

Woods and Henry Jamison were on tour this past spring.

What are your favorite songs to perform?

I love when I’m able to perform stripped-back versions of my songs live– so people can hear

how the songs sounded when I wrote them. I love playing “Spam Calls”, “Keeping Score,” and

“Bechdel Test” especially.

Who are some of your influences?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Gregory Alan Isakov’s new stuff lately, as well as The Japanese House’s new album. I feel really inspired by Dijon’s record. Ryan Beatty’s new album is insane. And I get a lot of inspiration from my very talented real-life and internet friends also like Margot Liotta, Casey Dubie, Sophia Blake, Ash Tuesday, and Kevin Atwater.

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