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Issue 14 Editors Note

If art hasn't made you uncomfortable, you haven’t experienced art yet. For this issue, we’re going under the covers and showing another side of 47Magazine. 

We aim to explore these topics to promote understanding, acceptance, and a better respect for the variety that enriches our lives.

There is a community within not just sex, but love. When a whole generation of queer people were being ignored by their government, they had to build a community within themselves. The LGBTQ+ people who came before us are the reason why we can celebrate pride and our sexuality openly. 

LIBIDO takes our inner desires and expands them by recognizing the lack of queer representation in a sexually romanticized media. We hope the tales in these pages inspire you, encourage thinking, and spark conversation.

The thought behind this issue was taking all of the sexy magazines we know, and claim to adore, and providing a gay and younger perspective. Gender identity is essential to so many aesthetics, so we wanted to embrace that through LIBIDO.

This issue is for the gays! Enjoy Issue 14 <3

-Mark Bluemle and Sophia Querrazzi

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