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Killer Mike at The Apollo: 7/20/23

Michael Santiago Render, better known as Killer Mike, performed at The Apollo on July 20th for the New York City leg of his "The High and Holy Tour." Before the show's start, Crackstart the DJ, set the show's tone beautifully with live mixing, and he shouted out, "OG mama's basement party" as Mike came on. The choir begins to sing, and the "Man of the People" is introduced. The DJ shouted out Harlem, which is Mike's hometown and the location of The Apollo. Dressed in an all-white outfit, he shines from any angle, with the bright lights bouncing off him elegantly. He says he has one mission: to rock the motherf****** stage.

Even though he is an artist with a very large discography, he said he is not doing his old stuff and plans to play his new music, referring to his new album, "Michael." In between songs, he motivationally speaks, saying how you need to fall to appreciate getting up. He talks about his grandma and his struggle growing up, especially mentioning the appreciation of the reward of getting back up. Interacting with the audience, he points up to the sky and asks the crowd to groove. He follows with Scientists and Engineers the most popular song on his most recent album, featuring Future, Andre 300, and Eryn Allen Kane. Like the song, he asks the crowd how long they are going to live - forever. The crowd was electrifying, and the energy was intense. He then brings out Cam'ron, and the crowd explodes, excited to see him.

He put on an outstanding performance and hugged Mike before leaving. The crowd begins to sing, repeating, "I ain't ever scared WHAT, I ain't ever scared WHAT." In his past, Mike used to work at auto zone, relating his past work to a song about filling up a gas tank. On a more political note, he talks about the Ronald Regan administration and what they did with the crack cocaine epidemic. He says that MLK Street was a beautiful street before crack hit it. Throughout the performance, he smiles, generally as a segway between songs, but before he talks about his anecdotes. He ends the show by talking about the state of Hip Hop and being thankful for it. As a religious man, he credits God and the Hip Hop and Rap community. He performs High & Holy for his final song, just like the tour name, with a great smile. Killer Mike put on a phenomenal show at The Apollo; check out his music and socials!

Written by Shrithik Karthik

Photography by Shrithik Karthik

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