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Losing My Head Listening to Savoia's New Single 'Lose You Completely'

Christmas came early this year, getting new music from rising NYC rock band Savoia. Their single, Lose You Completely, gives us a small taste of what to expect in their upcoming EP. 

The song starts with an echoed "1…2…3…4…" followed by heart-pounding drumming, which I can't stop thinking about even hours later, and guitar riffs that slow down into a dark romantic tone. Lead singer Lucas Allan comes in with angsty lyrics, telling the story of two ex-lovers who are still intertwined in their lives, not physically but still in each other's minds. During the song's climax, Allan creates a mesmerizing effect by altering the tone of his voice, starting with a deeper, slower tone. As the song progresses, reaching its climax, we can hear him becoming more frustrated and struggling to understand what's been said to him and how to move forward. Towards the end of the song, we get this incredible guitar solo, which is not new to Savoia's sound. The electrifying sound brings in grungier rock components to their well-established sound. The song concludes with the instruments following a pattern of sudden stops and returns to heighten the feelings expressed in the song, and right when you assume the song is over, the instruments come back with this angelic release.

Savoia treated us to a stunning music video for Lose You Completely, which was artistically edited into a home film-style video by Niko Stycos using footage taken by Ava Allan during their DC shows. The music video gives the impression that viewers are part of the band and are traveling with them as they are BTS from the tour, giving it a direct cinema look.

The desire for Savoia's EP only strengthens after listening to Lose You Completely. Catch them performing alongside Pan Arcadia, Dune Blue, and Bec Lauder at Bowery Ballroom February 2nd! 

Written by Veronica Anaya

Photography by Ava Allan

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