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The Ides of March: Thesaurus Rex Delivers A High Energy Performance

A booming night for indie rock/pop lovers, March 15th takes the cake for the most exciting, diverse, and electric music event! With live performances from FOUR different bands and two comedians, it is hard for anyone not to have enjoyed themselves. Hosted by Thesaurus Rex, The Ides of March took over Brooklyn Made with friends and fans across the city coming together to appreciate live music.

Thesaurus Rex is a Brooklyn-based indie-rock band formed in 2021, curating a unique and refreshing sound. The band is made up of Calvin Rezen (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Varun Jhunjhunwalla (Lead Guitar), Dan MacDonald (Drums), and Ethan Marsh (Bassist). Each song release contains a charming delivery of eccentric lyricism with instrumentals that make the story come to life. True indie-pop at its core, with a quirky flair that makes this band so special.

             Opening the night strong with a track everyone loves, “The Bachelor’s Wife” sets the vibe for the rest of their set. The energy was through the roof, so high it was palpable. You couldn’t help but jump along even if you didn’t know the song. The bassists and guitarists put all their talent into the performance, just off the intro track. Being able to exude so much energy off one another and have that translate to the crowd is so important, and they did just that.

Watching Calvin dance to each song made the room's atmosphere feel open and comfortable. As I watched Dan thunder in on the drums, Varun zeroed in on his riffs while simultaneously headbanging with Ethan. The band, as a collective, plays as their authentic selves while showing how much fun they're having on stage. This spirit was felt in every part of the venue; it was almost inescapable (in the best way possible)!

Calvin’s theatrical elocution mesmerized the crowd and locked us in, as many fans up front were singing along. Harmonies and adlibs added by Varun and Ethan blended beautifully in perfect unison, which the whole band was in. Punchy drums by Dan and superb guitar solos throughout further executed the band's dexterity in performing. Each instrumental build and breakdown was enthralling, from the keys to the guitar to the drums.

Another aspect of the show which sold me was their theme song. That’s right, they have their own THEME SONG! Not only was this silly, but it really made them more personal and intriguing rather than just some random band you see live. Along with that, Calvin's dialogue in between songs was funny and engaging, further creating this connection with the audience. Their unique style of performing becomes more effortless, carefree, and lively as the show goes on.

Every song was great, but once “Horse Girl” was sung into the mic, the crowd went wild. I’m not sure if it was because of the excitement for the song or the fact that Calvin was galloping on the stage, but either way, it produced an indescribable energy in that room. Thesaurus Rex cannot be placed into any descriptive box because of their distinctiveness; however, I would describe what it sounded/felt like as indie pop with a funky groove embedded throughout. This is a band that entices you and truly performs. It was a pleasure to have experienced that night, a show I believe everyone should see at least once (if not multiple times)!

Written by Amy Kapel

Photography by Veronica Anaya

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