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Music Taste & Style

Gabe Giberson by Mark Bluemle

Who is your favorite artist at the moment and of all time?

My favorite artist at the moment is Babytron. He always has really funny samples and even though his flow is the same every single time, he’s still so good. My favorite artist of all time has changed so many times throughout the past few years but I can definitely say that it would be Alex G, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. He has helped me through my worst moments. I have a hard time crying due to my meds but his songs help me get it all out.

Where do you go to find new music? Seems like you have a lot of new tunes to share.

I constantly have many new tunes. I find new music in many different ways. If I’m on the hunt for something new I usually go to my discover weekly and release radar to see if I like anything. If I don’t, I might go to where you can put in artists or songs that you like and it makes playlists based on that (not sponsored) or I check related artists for the artists I’m liking at that moment. If i’m still not successful, I’ll be really nosy and check my friends’ stories, their spotify profile and listen to some of their playlists, or check their spotistats/ and see what their obsessions are and try those out.

Do you think your music taste has an impact on your style?

My music taste definitely has an impact on my style. I don’t have just one specific style because I love so many looks and want to achieve as many as I can. I show my personality through my clothing/accessories/fits and that reflects in my music taste. I love so many different genres from k-pop, to country, to random niche subgenres of rap, to math rock. It’s so fun to listen to everything and anything which definitely reflects in my outfits.

Interviewed and Photographed by Mark Bluemle

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