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New Music Monday #14

Paradise by Terrace Martin & Alex Isley

Mesmerizing and invigorating, “Paradise” has hypnotizing vocals mixed with instrumentals that feel out of this world. Unexpectedly horns filter in and out with a steady beat along with Martin’s saxophonist expertise, enchanting you to another dimension. Isley’s soulful voice slowly travels through the song with completely euphoric melodies. While the song is a rendition of Sade’s original from 1988, the two talents collaborated and added a twist to make this their own. It’s a beautiful jazzy track that feels funky and is sure to make a room full of people stop what they’re doing and listen!

Here Comes The Comeback by Mitch Rowland

A sweet, classic indie song by none other than Mitch Rowland. He sings softly beside a punchy drum and swift guitar. A sense of optimism is displayed throughout the song, leaving you feeling good. Rowland's metaphors within his songwriting is another aspect that makes this song so special. Not all things work out, however, with a sick electric guitar almost anything feels possible. In all seriousness, the lyrics express true positivity for future endeavors no matter how far-fetched they may be, “It’s imminent, ought to know how long // I can feel the impossible”.

Run Away With Me by Cold War Kids

A song that ignites a feeling of wanting to get up and dance. Cold War Kids have used their musical dexterity to compile a multitude of different aspects to make this song as good as it is. It starts off feeling like an Arctic Monkeys indie rock track, but as it progresses the chorus reminds me of Neon Trees (this may be reaching but stick with me). During the bridge, we have a classic build-up of just the bass and backing vocals until it all crashes together continuing the refrain. Strong vocals with a powerful delivery of drums and flirty lyrics, “You may find another lover / I may be erased”.

Go Baby by Cleo Sol

The past few weeks have been a joyride for r&b lovers with amazing releases by talented artists, new and old. Cleo Sol’s new album Heaven is passionate and graceful, truly a feeling of being in heaven once her vocals begin. “Go Baby” is another slow track infused with haunting backing vocals and a consistent bass. Her forthcoming rise in the neo-soul/r&b game is anticipated being that her prowess in this field is outstanding. She brings intensity and warmth to her lyrics, which convey motivation for continuity in this life, “Have to go and face what’s inside / I just hope that you never stop trying”.

Another One of Me (feat. 21 Savage) by Diddy, The Weeknd, & French Montana

A highly anticipated hip-hop track with features that create an ambient song filled with clever lyrics, a cool beat, and a heavy bass. Before The Weeknd enters the hook after each feature, the iconic drums from Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” are sampled, making Abel’s appearance more impressive. Each rapper shines in their unique way throughout the song, praising the life they have and the hard work they put in, “All I am is a man with ambition to be the best / When I failed, it just gave me the vision to see the rest”.

HOT TO GO! by Chappell Roan

Bold lyricism and an infectious chorus make for an exciting sing-along pop song. Roan’s clever songwriting and backing, cheer-like, vocals that further amplify the energy of the track make it all the more special. The vibe feels like an upbeat 80’s pop song with a twist of modernity. Confidence and witty lines make the delivery of this song distinctive in the metaphorical sense, “H-O-T T-O G-O / You can take me hot to go”. It’s uplifting and fun but also encourages us all to own our self-confidence.

Modern Girl by Bleachers

A great song always feels reminiscent of older music, and the Bleachers have created that with a mix of 80-90’s alt-pop songs. A beautifully striking saxophone along with an unmissable guitar and drum beat create an energy that cannot be understood unless listened to. Muffled spoken sections and an energizing scream along with “Oh-oh-o!” make a catchy track but also one that has everyone singing along to it! It’s a feel-good song with silly songwriting and an infectious melody, “Unreliable reporter / Pop music hoarder / Some guy playing quarters”.

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